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Ginger discovers who nicked his pasty
The crowd was disappointed when David Cameron told them they were to be bummed without vaseline and with liberal application of fullers earth.
Ginge is saying: "I don't know why you've got your head in your hands fatty you've been in 34 years already, what sort of pension will I get after 4 years"
"The other services did not react well to the presentation from the Army Synchronised Skiffing Team"

"Right, listen in, My name is Pauline and I am your Jobcentre Restart Officer, and don't lose any of my fucking pens, Okey-dokey, pig in a pokey".
as usual the Army part of the "purple rodins" was arrse about face
The snail is pregnant lads. The SDSR means we havent the money for DNA tests. Line up and draw straws.........


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I've given up counting, just how many different variations of dress can you get in one photo!

Ties, no ties, sleeves up, down, jumpers on, off, shirts white, DPM, blue for starters
Sponge pudding and custard will no longer be a desert option in the mess , it's a fruit choice or nothing .
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