SDSR and the various Armed Forces Display Teams

Discussion in 'Strategic Defence & Spending Review (SDSR)' started by, Oct 5, 2010.

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  1. My first post in many years. Thats jail for you!!!

    1. Red Sparrows (RAF Aerobatic Display Team)
    2. Red Freds (Army parachute Team)
    3. White Helmets (Royal Signals Motorcycle Display Team)
    4. Field Gun Crews (Royal Navy)
    5. Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillary (Horses and Field Guns)
    6. Flying Bummers (Motorcycle Team)
    7. RAF Regt Queens Colour Squadron (Drill Team)
    8. Black Knights (Inf Parachute Display Team)
    9. RAF Falcons (PJI Parachute Display Team)
    10. Blue Eagles (AAC Helecopter Display Team - now gone I beleive)

    And there's more Inf/Corps parachute Teams out there..

    My question is....What should stay, what should go....My pick to stay would be;

    1. White Helmets - They have been around since 1927
    2. Red Arrows - They, like the White Helmets, are an establishment in themselves
    3. RAF Falcons - remember the PJI's teach all military parachuting
    4. A Naval Gun crew - Shits and giggles.

    What say you? Remember these teams are strong recruiting tools and KAPE/PR machines..
  2. Do the Royal Marines have an Unarmed Combat Demonstration Team, or is that just an urban legend?
  3. They do, but its made up at unit level as and when they need it. Its not a permanent team,nore permanent members. Although years ago that may have been a different case. They also had a motorcycle display team at one time.
  4. They need them to act as an OPFOR during the Chinese Knife-Fighting course
  5. Is that a seperate course from Underwater Knife Fighting?
  6. Yes, you have to complete both chinese knife fighting and the divers course before you are allowed on the underwater knife fighting course (unless, of course, you completed the chinese knife fighting course before Jan 2001, in which case you have grandfather rights)
  7. My pick to stay would be:

    1) Red Arrows.
    2) Red Devils.
    3) Field Gun Crews.
    4) Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillery.

    Everything else would be for the chop.
  8. Valid point & nothing should be exempt, if regimental history means nothing neither should display teams besides I fully understand that KAPE's have a role (i've done it & got the T-shirt)

    IIRC these postings/roles were a bonus/perk if you got the opportunity & many units have a maximum of 2 year stint if your lucky.
  9. I thought the White Helmets were very much self sufficient as far as funding went. Triumph provide the machines and spares surely and they don't do shows for free except for Corps related ones.
    I stand by to be shot down in flames on this but that was my understanding when I was in the Corps.
  10. When they're on about people loosing their jobs to save the MOD money then I think these sorts of things should go first. Of course these teams are good for recruitment and PR etc, but given the choice of some RAF pumpers zooming around in pretty red planes or people keeping their jobs, I know which I'd choose.
  11. Come next year.This is all we will have left.Mind you they are quite good.They are still working on getting the gun carriage across the "ravine"
  12. Your not far off the mark at all..

    The WHITE HELMETS are self sufficient and the Team had to buy the bikes. They also have to buy there lorry,trailer,coach,car,fuel (yes fuel, they are civil vehicles and can not use the POL point),spares,No1 (blues) uniform,helmets,gloves,team dress,oils,tools,work benches,grinders,welders,vehicle insurance,public imdemnity insurance,even stamps for the mail..etc etc....The Army pay wages only.

    One of the cheapest display teams (for the tax payer) as the Team raises its money from show bookings..No shows = no pay = no maintanance,fuel,etc.
  13. Oh yea, and Iam sure they charge military units for shows, with a disscount, even Royal Signals..
  14. I thought roll mats were the weapon of choice these days?