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Discussion in 'Strategic Defence & Spending Review (SDSR)' started by, Oct 25, 2010.

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  1. SDSR report out......R.O's on a nice tidy pension and top up wages....Should THEY be the first to go...A civil servant (civi) drawing just a wage and not a pension, could they fill SOME of the R.O's roles?????

    Keep in mind some R.O's jobs do seem to be 'jobs for the boys' and maybe NOT required..
  2. Chatting to a "RO" (MSF) today I sense that life will be less routine than it has been. A number of MSF in Germany have been told that they are being relocated to UK as per their MSF contract (3 years in post, 2 years possible extention but then you have to move). It came as a surprise to this cohort but I suppose when you need to lose 25,000 civil servants it's probably worth p***ing a few off to see who jumps ship.
  3. I do hear they get the best pick of Married Quaters out in BFG...
  4. Truth is that some MSF do a great job (and not one that many serving Officers want to do) and for not too many beans. Their pensions and terminal payments are reduced and even in BFG their basic wage is crap. Yes, they do make up a little in COLA and receiving free housing - but guess what they are still stuck in the same MQs they have lived in forever. In real terms they are cheaper and provide better results than a civilian equivalent

    What needs a look is to see exactly how many MSF there are out there ( probably not that many) establish exactly what it is they do and confirm the need for their posts. This will be happening no doubt, but sadly in some cases when they go - so will the little bit of whatever it is they might be providing to the community as a whole, as their extra curricular piece. (Such things as Sailing Clubs/Trips/Sports Organisation etc) - we should not wish them all away too quickly. Once gone they will not return
  5. I thought MSF (as oposed to the remaining legacy ROs) were just paid on ordinary CS T&Cs of service, so no abatement of service pension.
  6. What would be the point? A pension and a wage would still have to be paid, regardless of who occupied the position.
  7. You cant pay a pension to a civil servant if he has not earnt one at time of employment.
  8. I think that if you take an MSF role you do not get all your terminal grant.
  9. True, but the MSF is already getting a pension that he would get anyway, so that maoney is already committed. By paying him a reduced taxed wage (Gross pay 28-35K in most cases), you get an experienced individual at little cost. To get civi at the same level, with the same experience/knowledge/contacts/background would be difficult and the costs would be higher. Not sure what the rates of pay ( inc the non-contributory pension) and TACOS of an HEO are but that would probably be the entry level.
  10. Good guess on the salary Outstanding; but MSF and RO have to contribute towards their civil service pension, it doesn't come free. There is no abatement of pension or terminal grant if one leaves the Forces and moves into the MoD civil service.

    A true question at interview: "Why do you want this job, which has the same responsibilities espected of a Major, but only pays the wages of a Lance Corporal?" MSF and Ros are poorly paid considering all that experience they bring to the job.
  11. Current MSF post on the job site as asst Reg Secretary, as you say its an HEO (ie SO2 sort of job weight)
    post so starts at £29,258
  12. That is because the system relies on their loyalty and wish to remain within the military environment and screws them over on the basis that they already getting a pension. Effectively the system adds the pension to the basic pay and considers that fair.- B0llocks!
  13. Which is REALLY good value when you consider that 16 Majs would cost a minimum of £800,00 plus MQs plus CEA etc.
  14. That's true, when you offset that against the approx 4million, just to pay 75 uniformed staff in 1 building, and as you say that does'nt include quarters etc, it's chicken feed.