SDSR and the Corp

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Zorro, Apr 9, 2011.

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  1. Any updates now that Redundancy T1 is out on the ground of how SDSR will actually hit the Corp? Heard the figure of around 300 to go but is that too low/high or spot on, and if so where from and when?

    Not seen anything on the detail yet, maybe not confirmed but as this is a Rumour site, what do you think???
  2. Google it and read the DIN.
  3. I think that there will shortly be lots of scaley-bleep type creatures looking for new jobs.
  4. How so?

    une, deux, tois.
  5. I was shocked by how few people went back for the second half of the brief last Monday to be honest.

    A lot of people were more than a little gutted that they weren't going to be invited to take a large stack of cash to leave as well.
  6. 300, from the SOinC last week.

    Edited to add, it's 'Corps'.
  7. Didn't really SOinC was so big! :D

    Lion's share of that 300 have already been highlighted then, when are the remainder pencilled in for the chop?

    (That isn't in the DIN)
  8. Don't know c_f. As soon as I realised I wasn't one of those selected, I fell asleep. ;-)
  9. Fingers crossed for tranche 2!