SDSR 2015 ALL Change!!!!!!!!!!!! (again) at what price? to the line Infantry??

Furthermore, of all the trade groups, less probably RLC driver, the Inf is probably the easiest trade group to recruit & train
Infantry are probably harder than many.

Granted the academic requirements are low, but other requirements are quite high.

Let me try and get my head around what you put on here, so we should keep old school names such as RIFLES? sure they were formed in 2007, so been around for all of nine years now. Brilliant so to make the change you talk about we should sweep the history of the country's Infantry which has developed since 1661 putting the "Great" in Great Britain

Sorry ironDuke89 Paras are not getting to jump out of plains now budget cuts (proposed down scaling to 80 trained a year) so will have to become Helicoptor Assault Troops (HATs)
Also Light Infantry (LI) were swallowed in the RIFLES monster Reg was formed and Highlanders also went years ago to become Royal Scottish Regiment, unless we bring back the BUFFs etc and also current trained AI and Mech Units are not cheep to re train so might not be cost effective so just left the currently trained Units as AI and Mech Inf

Also dropped the Cdo roll as it saves a bit not having recruits do a girls course and might also sort out the sleeves up or down problem

All and all pretty much smashes the British Infantry so well done I am sure some one in Andover is contemplating it for the future

Last but not least thought the Elite RAF Regiment could take on SFSG

I strongly suggest you re-read what I actually wrote.
Rifles in the sense of Rifle Brigade. Napoleonic Wars.
I am aware that Light Infantry and Highlanders are unit names that are gone, so what?
My point was really about making the bulk of British infantry a Corps of Infantry and sweeping away the remaining cap badges (very few of which mean anything much these days) to allow flexibility.
I am willing to bet that if the Army does not do this, down the track some political type will really clobber the Army in a way bad for the Army and bad for UK.

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