SDR, White paper and changing role of the army

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ojj00u, Oct 25, 2006.

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  1. I am trying to understand all the recent changes that have taken place within the British Army since 9/11 (the SDR new chapter, White paper 'Delivering Security in a changing world etc), however can find limited reaction to this and how serving personnel feel about these changes.

    I would also be interested on how peoples views are on the changing role of the army, how the structure is setup for success in the future and feelings towards the changing threats the army faces. I mean, to me, the armys role against terrorism is complex, taking part in conventional operations to defeat an enemy, intelligence gathering, peacekeeping, and 'winning hearts and minds' ...

    Would there be a benefit (as terrorism is at some level, fundamentally psychological) in training more officers in this field (to combat the enemy and consider the effects of terrorist action. Is there a need for a greater understanding of the Islamic faith - would there be a benfit in an increase in the number of Muslim officers and more with arabic and asian laguage skills?
  2. Fcuk me mate!
    How about introducing yourself first?

    My alarm bells are ringing!!!
  3. oldbaldy

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    Sloppy journalistic skill there boy.
    Do your own bloody research.
  4. An introduction ,and why you are asking what on the surface appears mild, but in fact would lead to some interesting answers I think, would be appreciated.
  6. Have you been on the pop, PTP?
  7. So, what red-top would you be working for, then?
  8. I don't know FAS , I confused myself there :(
  9. It sounds like an essay title may be lurking in there somewhere...
  10. Apologies for the lack of an introduction/setting the scene etc! I am going to Sandhurst May next year and have my attchment with the Signals coming up. Not too far off with the essay title; I have been asked to prepare a presentation on 'anything military related' to present to the soldiers.

    Many ideas came to me, however this seemed particularly topical and I thought would spark some good debate and questions come the end of the presentation, it is also an area of the army I do not have a great understanding of and I feel is very interesting and would like to know more in this space and get others views
  11. Here's a better title for you - I suspect a topic such as this 'to present to the soldiers' may have them yawning a bit..."Why are we guarding NAAFI rolls?"
  12. Hi
    When you go to Sandhurst they will educate you as to the Army way. I admire your innocence of youth to ask such questions and not see the depth of what what you are asking and depth of feeling it will invoke in the audiance. However consider your questions carefully and if you are looking to invoke debate and reaction make sure you are equipped enough to deal with the response. All life skills you will pick up in the fullness of time. I, in no way wish to sound condersending but offer you some food for thought.
    Many soldiers right now serve in a force, under manned, under pressure and deployed in two medium sized operations. These operations are not popular with the general population and that effects our status in the minds of some. Those who serve are probably some of THE most pariotic people in the UK and they will feel passionately about their country probably more than most.
    However they are not stupid, we are all adults capable of reasoned debate both outside, but more so within our own closed circle i.e with those who understand the military way of life and all that entails.
    Good luck on what you seek but there is plenty of material out there to answer the questions you seek - if you want opinions then in your presentation ask the questions to the answers you seek from your audiance and you will be more successful - few here will committ to writing the answers to your questions here on such a public domain for obvious reason we still have a job to do that pays the bills!

    Good luck at Sandhurst you could have the potetial to do well - just think before you ask your questions

  13. Thanks for the responses - I fully take on board your points and was indeed looking to invoke debate and reaction, however yes, I take your point that I may well be very under-equipped to deal with the responses and this was perhaps not the forum to come looking for the questions and thoughts I had running around my mind; I shall give this further consideration Apologies to anyone to whom the apparent naivety of my questions may have stirred an unwanted reaction.
  14. Yes, your original topic was most interesting but frankly of little value to the average Tom. Something along the lines of 3 PARA in Helmand would probably be more gripping and there is a sh1t load of stuff in the open media. You can download some youtube footage and make it go with a bang before dropping the "take-home" point that even though you are all Scaleys, you may need to be pukka soldiers sooner than you think and to pay attention to weapon handling and fitness! Good luck.
  15. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    How's this for a topic:

    Why do the sigs get trade pay and the infantry not. Pick a side and come out fighting.... Personally I think its because the infantry are too thick to operate anything with more than four buttons, levers or switches...

    Should go down well with your DS