SDR: Sacred cows....which are on their way to the burger van ?

So, we've all heard the briefing, seen the inspired and not so inspired leaks, some of us have sat in conference rooms filling up on that crappy coffee the dispensers in MB give out while we glumly argue about this paper or that and, yes, the final decisions are probably yet to be made but we all know that it is going to be bloody because there's been a bunch of expectation management going on. Not so much "rumour control" as uncontrolled rumour.

The story is that the MOD is really, really broke this time. Half measures won't fix it, radical changes needed. All of which might be true...but do ARRSErs believe that will really happen. Will the decision makers (the politicians) have the courage to really cut to the bone ?

Which sacred cows will go....and which will limp on for a few years more ? What will prove to be just too difficult to get rid of ? Are some things just too holy (...or have too much historical baggage attached to them and just don't cost enough) to get rid of them, even though we're skint ?

And which things do you think will stay, even though they shouldn't ? How brave and honest is Dr Fox feeling ?


7 bands in the Household Division? Amalgamation/reduction of Foot Guard Regiments? Queen's Birthday Parade? Public Duties at all? Etc etc. Basically anything invoving Her Majesty's Personal Troops
Red Arrows. To be chopped by the Air Staff but saved on the direct intervention of the Prime Minister. Allegedly...

To be followed by the 'ATRF Desert Sand Arrows' going out to Afghanistan to deliver formation 30mm strafing in order to thrill the locals into buying BAE Hawks for their new air service.
Lyrico hopefully.
The RAF, of course
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