SDR is coming; lose 10000 troops

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Danny_Dravot, Jan 8, 2010.

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  1. ok, so its a hypothetical question but i'm sure with some pretty auster PR10/11 measures about to be imposed and the imminent SDR what would you do?

    bear in mind sp to COE ops but also the ability to regenerate to future WFE ops what would you do?

    here's a few ideas: (sensible comments only pse)

    review OF5/6 employment
    review civil service employment, seek to make some drastic adjustments
    RLC (my own CB): tpt regts, scope foe efficiencies, review force enablers into a leaner we really need a pnr regt and 2x mov regts? posties, WTF.
    Engr, Armd engr capabilty, lean it to a force capability
    RAC, do we really need 5 x Armd regt?
    Arty...rationalise dowe still need hvy arty?
    REMES. savings measures taken against allof the above!!
  2. We cuold put the savings into RLC spelling classes I guess.
  3. :? Mission impossible !

    But it matters not what we envisage, as soon as Gordie and his gang are given a fresh mandate to ignore the views of the electorate , EU army here we come.

    Reduced to providing admin support to the eyties :?
  4. I take it you are RLC?? :D
  5. cheers ballbag...that's 3 quid saved!

    (my keyboard is fecked BTW....apologies!)
  6. It was said back in the 70's, re NI, that for each unit in theatre you'd also have it's replacement undergoing training, and the unit it replaced having post tour leave before retraining for whatever role it had before it deployed; thus the KGB et al were quite happy to cause mischief as it reduced BAOR's capability enormously. Your 5 armoured regiments, therefore, would include 3 out of role just for 1 theatre. Doesn't leave you a lot to play with for other eventualities, does it?

    Armoured engineers will happily tell you they can do anything the field oggies do, but the reverse can't apply if you minimise your armour numbers.

    Posties also become part of the supply chain at times, a jiffy bag of tels stuff doesn't need an armed convoy when it'll fit in a pocket.

    Pioneers traditionally get used as engineer support, guards for HQ's and loggie installations, etc. get rid of them and you instantly throw more work onto infantry.

    Movers may not be anyone's favourite people, but you won't get far without them.

    "Heavy artillery": define heavy?

    One possible way to improve things may be to look at combined arms "regiments" a la Bundeswehr: Captains as Coy/Sqn OC, Maj as Bn co, Inf bn includes a tank sqn, arty bty, engr tp etc. It wouldn't go down well with the officers, but it works well for the Germans, Americans and Russians?
  7. O1W,

    all valid points but who do we offer up instead?
  8. What ever gets cut will be the thing we need loads of in the next conflict. They never learn........
  9. The more we cut the greater the gamble for the next big event! Cries of front line first trace a direct line to the rear where troops are training to get ready for the aforesaid front line. What we need to look at - and re justify to ourselves - is some of these over priced projects we have . Big question - Do we really need some of the capabilities being delivered by a certain project or does that capability already exist so what we would do is seek to build that item under licence with a clause allowing us to improve it. That would give us savings.
    End state is its all about money!
  10. Some measures that the politico's can get away with, without being seen by the civpop as hurting the army:

    * Cut training budget for the TA.
    * Reduce training time before deployment.
    * Reduce courselength for recruit training.
    * Postpone replacement of vehicles / kit / various equipment items.
    * Give military jobs to civilian subcontractors (don't be surprised when your wagon is kept in business -because it's replacement won't be bought, see above- by a guy in civvy coveralls with a commercial logo on his left tit. The RAF and RN know all about this.).
  11. Ha ha. A lot of the problems we currently have seem to stem from maintaining the older style of formations and rank structure. And of course reducing any number of personnel will cause ruptions.

    My favoured methed at the moment is a top to bottom reshuffle.

    It would result in Land being refromed as the 8th Army (4* HQ) with all the giblets it requres. Under these 2 Corps HQs, 1 BR Corps (ARRC) and 30 Corps.

    1 BR Corps would contain three Divisios each of two regular brigades and one TA (used for IR and support up to whole Coys at a time). These would contain their own Div SDupp Gr (replacing log bdes). It should be able to C2 NATO/European Divs ad Bdes as it does now.

    Each Bde be would permantly Brigaded to maintain the golden threads (ever so sparsely) and could be named for example) the 7th (Scottish and Irish Bde). The German based units wold withdraw to UK (eventually).

    30 Corps would field 3 divs als. 4 consisting of 4 Bdes of 1/3 reg, 2/3 ta/others for Civil Defence, Home Defence and CIMIC and 5th Div would be 4 Bdes of 3 Cdo, 16 AA and 11 Light. A further TAbde providing spares. And finally a 3rd sub unit containing OAA (brunei, Falklands Gib).

    Units such as ATRA or the admin Bdes would slot in where neccesary. ATRA could be fielded by 8 Army HQ. Doing away with these trendy seperate units or works groups and (in ATRAs case merely becoming 8 Army G8.

    THat would be an Army fielding 6 Operational Bdes, 3 OpRes Bdes, 3 Light Bdes and 1 Light Res Bde and 4 CivSupp Bdes (if cash and manpower permits).
  12. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Bin A 400 and F35 and bite the bullet and buy Rafale from the French, we're building the same carriers after all.

    I expect the Navy and RAF will get hit the worst now that the pollies think all the military has to do is Afghanistan. Stupid I know, but pollies are stupid.
  13. The first step in the SDR process is to identify what your foreign policy is and from that deduce what military capability you need to support it. Add in any internal security arrangements and that gives you your baseline.

    That is what we have been lacking for a decade and salami slicing of capabilities to meet a notional and increasingly squeezed budget is utter madness.
  14. Wasn't there talk on here recently about having a formal timeline for SDRs?

    ie Every 10 years or if needed (whichever is sooner).
  15. If the useless f**kwits in charge properly defined the tasks Defence has to be able to carry out, we wouldn't need to keep reinventing the wheel every 10 years!

    And which f**kwit keeps pissing money up the wall on pointless renaming of everything ? Case in point. ATD- ITD- MATTS... why? It's still a series of tests and training that everybody has to carry out. Some complelely **** bullshite has been trotted out everytime as to why the army wasted money on changing the label.