SDR - How was it for you?

When the "non-treasury driven" cuts were made, how were they handled in your unit? Were those retained the useful ones or somebody's mates?


I know that we lost a couple of good sergeants!!

Shame we didn't lose a couple of crap officers!!
But we lost a lot more sh1t C/Sgts.......  ;D

...and I thought we did lose the crap officers, in one case I think he might have lost himself.......again
Background info: The All Arms Watchkeepers and Liaison Officers Pool provides Capts/Majs/Lt Cols to act as additional "Staff Officers" to various HQs (Mech & Armd Bdes, 1 & 3 (UK) Divs and the ARRC).  The split is now about 50/50 between TA & ex-Reg.  It is commanded by a Reg RA Lt Col.

Until about two weeks from the end of the process the Pool was unaffected.  However, somebody then decided they needed a runway repair outfit and so a 100 or so bodies had to be chopped from somewhere.  

The Pool then had to go from about 300 to about 195 posts.  Each officer had a short interview with the Commander and asked if he wanted to stay.  Those that did were then rated from 1 to 300.  Those below the 195 line were chopped and those above retained.  There was scope for adjustments depending on specialisations etc that could pull someone from below the line to above it.  It might have been general policy or a reflection upon the commander of the Pool at the time, but there was a full Colonel from LONDIST sent into to supervise the process.  Presumably he was there to ensure the Commander did not just pick his favourites and bin those he disliked.  (If he had binned those who did not like him he would have had no staff and no Pool members ;D!)
My unit went down from a company to a platoon, because the remaining companys were so undermanned only one sgt and one jnco was lost. the jnco latter rejoined as a fus.(the rest of the sncos are still spread around the battalion).
Because our company was wearing the 'wrong cap badge' we were the company to get the chop, it didn't seem to matter that we were the best recruited and always turned out the most men.
We were the best recruited company in the battalion.

We also always had the most troops on the ground.

We were also the best recruited company as regards ethnic minorities in the entire British Army.

But the descision was made, long before the announcement, because a bunch of f****** students , sorry "Future leaders of Army, Commerce and Industry" wanted our facilities.

I think I'll stop there, before I bring down Op. TerminalCareerDamage II   :mad:

NB. If you think the press sh1tstorm was bad last time, my contacts are far more developed now, and yes, it was worth it  ;D
Any views from those that jumped to other corps?

I was one of those suplus to requirements (not done Brecon etc....)

Ended up with many other ex Inf - mainly Sigs Plns & RE's in Signals. Most of us still wish we hadn't had to leave, some are still resentful about regular regiments decisions (such as taking the TA units mess silver and funds, reducing a well recruited Bn into a coy just keep the regimental recruiting footprint).

Most of the ex inf in my unit now hold all the top jobs.

My old Bn did a very good job finding us new units
We had two battalions merged into one. The interesting thing was how the two COs handled it. The regular CO (ours) devolved all of the ORBAT / G1 / manning decisions to the OCs. The TA CO (theirs) kept all decisions to himself, and produced his own ORBAT.

Needless to say, the Companies that got to plan their own ORBATs made a somewhat better job of it. Little things, like putting the correct people against LSNs / overbearing them, or filling all LSNs at maximum rank. Some good blokes found a year on that because they were overborne, they couldn't be promoted; and the available LSN was held by a non-attender or a non-performer.

Our Company lost its "differently cap-badged" satellite platoon, became a platoon itself, and was attached to a Company from the other battalion. A Coy(-) became a Pl (+). A bit of juggling, and the only people that we lost to the unit were SNCOs; but given that another unit was setting up a det in the TAC, we were able to say *psst* want some recruiting staff? Fully qualified? Only one previous owner? and get them jobs. Three SNCOs left, each took a one-rank reduction to stay in.

Our HQ Company got re-roled, so the local signals regiment got a shedload of people out of it.......

Fun was spending the Company fund in the months before amalgamation; ours was healthy, theirs wasn't, use it or lose it. :p
we got kicked outof our town centre postion reroled in to a battalion with 3 diffrent cap badges which has never really gelled .got some dead wood from the unit we took over but they didnt last long
I'll bet the 'powers that be' are really glad about the decisions made through SDR. 14 regts of scalies and not enough bayonets from the Arms corps.

I recognise that the scalies do an important job, but 14 regts worth?? I know of one scalie regt that has a mobilisation rate of 1%, yet you would be hard pressed to find a TA Inf or Cav regt with a mobilsation rate less than 50%. I heard that one of the Royal Yeomanry Sqns has a mobilisation rate of 120% !!

Also the loss of centre of town facilities runs in the face of what other reserves forces are doing.
Hootch said:
I recognise that the scalies do an important job, but 14 regts worth?? I know of one scalie regt that has a mobilisation rate of 1%, yet you would be hard pressed to find a TA Inf or Cav regt with a mobilsation rate less than 50%. I heard that one of the Royal Yeomanry Sqns has a mobilisation rate of 120% !!
We too have a very low mobilisation rate - so guess we could infer that SDR was wrong (should have kept inf as it was). TA Inf shouldn't have been cut as it was, many of us scalies would go back if we could. Not me however, doing IT or other stuff in Iraq would be far better than stagging on on some gate.
loss of town centre site has hurt recruitment made transport for those who dont have a car difficult .Hurt social side of things and the buildings still
not been redeveloped
My TAC in Newbury was closed. The next nearest TACs were (are?) Reading and Swindon. I think that out of a coy, 2 people stayed on.

Heard our neighbouring Sigs Regt lost nearly all of the guys who transfered in, thro infighting with scalies or boredom. Spoke with one of their (ex Inf)officers last weekend and he echoed that rumor, he was thinking about moving himself.
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