SDR how does it affect us regulars?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armadillo, Jun 30, 2010.

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  1. I have a real concern that many of us regulars may end up losing our jobs. Public sector workers are going to be hit big time, we unfortunately are in that remit. The SDR is going to come as a shock.

    So as serving soldiers are we going to be hit with brown letters and shown the door? how does it work? is it going to be compulsory redundancy? do we get redundancy pay? Are we entitled to full pension?

    I can see a lot of single soldiers and families suddenly out on the street looking for jobs and accommodation. Though no one fro MOD has tried to settle the matter.

    The worst part is the traditional route for ex serviceman was public sector work.

    I know there is an argument for manning control points and we all know its coming.

    A career in the army used to be job for life, the last SDR put change to that.

    No one person has stood up in public and defended the implications of this, I would have expected a open letter from CGS explaining what and how its going to affect us. The MoD uses loopholes and not stick to the rules when dismissing soldiers what protections are in place? don't believe me check out BAFF.

    There is a lot of unanswered questions that need explaining now before we are hit hard and good men are flung into civvy street.
  2. msr

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    Make the most of your educational opportunities.

  3. I am doing so now, started looking for work basically doing resettlement procedure in case of brown letter. I cannot believe the hieracy are sleepwalking into this as it will be a massive shock. Plus you will not be guaranteed a decent resettlement package because of the numbers involved.
  4. Had a look at work, I cant find any official guidelines on how a soldier is dealt with when SNLR. I think that if soldiers are going to be sacked and in great numbers a clear sequence of events is drawn up, redundacy pay, resettlement grant, pension rights, final lump sum.

    Also as soldiers are forced out councils need to be informed to make space, also a career transition needs to be done.

    I can see soldiers being left out in the cold and as there is not enough money in the pot not supported correctly.
  5. There is a redundancy scheme already in place, and yes you would get an immediate pension of years done/22 of your projected pension.

    heres the link

    GIVE ME IT NOW!!!!
  6. A Human Capital Expert writes:

    When a soldier or officer is made redundant they usually experience intense feelings of worthlessness, purposelessness and anxiety about where to find a dentist. Many of them will find their parallel qualifications are not recognised by the civilian world, after all what do you say to a Fellow of the British Institute of Management? "Can I super-size my fries please?"

    Many will set themselves up as "consultants" or "trainers". There will be a brief period of success where their fitness, zeal and enthusiasm is seen as refreshing. however this is soon overcome by their whinging about that isn't how we did it in the Army and their wistfulness for Wednesday sports and long weekends.

    Fortunately within about 18-24 months of their having been made redundant they will be invited back to supplement the numbers of the new "right-sized" Army on continuing operations, to make up the shortfall between TA IRs, the Regular establishment and some frankly very odd FTRS types. After all, we've all been on ops but you wouldn't want to live there...ay?

    In their recalled incarnation the army will have to pay them, bump up their pensionable service and may probably end up promoting some of the people they thought they could do without. This is not a prediction, it is what happened last time.

    So caller, please don't worry and be reassured. The hierachy are not sleep-walking towards a manning disaster, they are galloping headlong and apparently reviewing the DVD of the last time!

  7. Probably not, They are only looking at £3 Billion a year from MOD.

    A lot of the 10% cut they are looking at in the defence budget can be achieved by culling a few high price programmes without much if any need to cut manpower.

    Army: Pull out of BOAR, disband the heavy stuff currently in Germany, transfer units to a light mech role.

    Navy: No more über capable war canoes, next ones with be affordable frigates designed to fight earthly powers rather than imperial star cruisers.

    RAF: Big savings to be had here. Scrap the Tanker fisaco, £13 Billion for 13 tankers? WTF! RAF will have to sell off a fair chunk of it's VERY shiney fast fighters and translate back to a primary CAS and cargo hauling operation with AD as a less important role. 232 Typhoons and 135 F-35's is not going to happen.
  8. Awwwww. That's supposed to be Secret. But going by your assessment teh only brown envelopes are heading towards those in blue (which I can't disagree with)
  9. Anticipate about 10-15% total strength cut to the Army and I think you will be in the right ball-park.
    No-one is sleep walking; a lot of work is being done but it is all contingency planning at this stage. You wont hear anything official until real decisions are made.
  10. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    So the chances are they wont look at someone with 20 years service then - or is that just wishful thinking? From what I remember around '93 all types of people were getting made redundant. The adjt at the time was one of them that received the brown letter - and he'd been in the mob at least 216 years, judging by the growth of his eyebrows.
  11. Prime example of why you need to start thinking about resettlement from the first day you join up.
  12. The last time this happened in the early 90's with redundancy phases 1, 2 and 3 soliders where given the option to apply for redundancy but they where not guaranteed to be selected. Quite a few who never applied where told to go (some of them where top class soldiers and should never have been let go) The ones that did go where sorted out with a redundancy package including pension and lump sum, I do not know if they where also given the full resettlement package.
  13. First big draw down in the early 90's all the best bods jumped ship. Which screwed us big style.
  14. Welcome to the real world mate , shock horror you might even have to start learning how to stand on your own two feet, some people are in for a bit of a culture shock methinks
  15. Presumably this can be achieved without huge payouts. MCPs will be reintroduced for ORs and the conversion from SSC to IRC to RegC may well become a touch more challenging than at present and possibly even attract a quota.