SDR & FLR - What is the future of the Corps

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Masters, May 15, 2010.

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  1. With SDR around the corner and cuts already happening, what is the future holding for the Corps and certain trades. Lots of rumors going around..., Chefs not looking good.
  2. To be honest Chefs have never looked good....
  3. Chefs will be hit in 3 tranches although the first should come with little pain as they are above liability anyway.

    Other trades will be hit with minor savings against liability, mainly from non-RLC units.

    There may be a 'C2 node' put into 'hibernation' (to be cabable of regeneration over 2 FORM cycles when required).

    None of the above is SDR but a seperate initiative for which I'm not going to go into further details at this juncture.

    FLR looks good to spread the capability across the Corps and, crucially, make us 'less attractive' for cuts!
  4. From my dealings with the initial stages of FLR, the Corps is moving in the right direction and in the right century for a change. We could now be leading the way for other Arms and Services to take a good look at themselves and move forward.
  5. Are there any Regiments looking at being cut, few rumors about 23 Pnr, 29 Regt and 9 Regt
  6. Maybe not cut, just re-roled......

    Who is going to stag on now?
  7. Well we can now cut FLR from the Thread Title!!!!!!!!!
  8. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer

    Its not cut, its been accepted but not to be implemented until after SDSR
  9. 23 Pioneer saved, 29 Regt squeeky bum time (northholt bound) ,9 Regt biggest in the corp saved ,27 Regt where did they go!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. FLR did look good, not any more! Be good when SDR is out on the streets, allows us all to get the truth without HQs trying to hide everything