SDR Cuts

It looks like being equipment only cuts (35% of heavy artillery is "losing" 130 AS90s already in Whole fleet management storage).

The re-shuffle (if required) of troops will be covered by the need to man other equipment types etc, but still no firm word on any of it, including how they intend to lose 7000 blokes, not from the front line.
Will be interesting to see what shape the Arty is in by the end of the process. Will there be a sensible assessment of capabilities required, what can be realistically preserved, what is really needed.....what doesn't need to be done, what could be done better elsewhere (and already is...)....or will it be a case of senior officers digging in their heels and fighting for what they've always known and loved....?
there is alot of analysis going on - staff being drawn out of Larkhill (and presumably others) to temporarily work at HQ Land to do the planning for the culls.

There was discussion here about some possible re-orgs and funnily enough one response was "we wouldn't give that up, it's a Gunner 1* post we don't want to lose". Exactly the wrong attitude when the RA as a whole is looking to take big hits, preserving one Brigadier slot is not a good reason to maintain the status quo.

Other than that the other rumblings are only rumours about who will be doing what and which equipments will be lost/changed.
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