SDR - Chance to air your oppinion?

As a side note, some of the questions asked are a little... odd. I suppose they have to consider all angles but one of them was something along the lines of asking whether the UK should be able to deploy alone or only as part of a larger force ie an EU one...


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Agree with you. I believe we should act with our allies; Canada, Australia, NZ and the US and with NATO. We may act in concert with EU or the UN (ie Sierra Leone) but should never again Have to be constrained by a UN charter of ineffectiveness (ie UNPROFOR)

Other than that a very poor survey designed to elicit the answers that they want.
Is there an option for "dry bummed with a spiked gauntlet and DKP" on there?
It's very reminiscent of a poll done back in the mid to late 90s asking whether Military Hospitals should be closed.

The very next question was: If the Military Hospitals were closed, where would you (the DMS) prefer to work: the NHS, MDHU or super MDHU?

In other words, they've already made up their minds on what they're going to cut, and this is just a way they can make the figures look good... 97% of soldiers said they'd prefer a sharpened stick to a rifle... (added in very small print)... that is, if rifles were not available! 8O

So rifles are scapped... Civil servants and MPs pat each other on the back, and put in a few more expense claims... :roll:

and on it goes....
Which genius thought this bollox up?

Broadly speaking, where we can help to prevent a situation overseas worsening, the UK government should act e.g. by helping to reduce poverty or by supporting reform of a Government or its military

Essentially three questions in one to which one can only agree ot not.

Typical, spin masquerading as consultation when the last thing that is req input from 'those that don't know'

Not one question about underfunding

Not one question about effectiveness of equipment

Not one question about if military has the right equipment to achieve mission(s)

Not one question about lack of straightforward political direction.

Not one question about care provided for military

Not one question the 'Covenant' (telling in itself.)

In short, not worth the electricity to power my computer screen.
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