SDR announcement shock.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by sfub, Feb 2, 2010.

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  1. There isn't one.

    But feel free to make something up, especially if you're a bone idle journo. You lot usually do. Top tip, don't create an account and then start a thread about something that may/may not happento generate outrage and intrigue.
    In fact, just stop using ARRSE to fill out your stories.....
  2. My mate Steve in stores told me that the Army is being disbanded.
    Infantry going to be split between RAF Regt and RM
    Support arms split between RAF and RN
    AAC going into RAF

    Oh and he also said that the Paras were gonna get their last operational jump ever next week. There heading into Somalia to deliver meals on wheels to an old couple ther before tabbing down to Uganda and finishing the job we started in 1893
  3. Bob, we were trying to keep all that quiet... shhhhhhh.....
  4. i heard it was the RAF going, with fighter capacity going to the Navy and lifting and moving going to the Army!! Oh and that Her Maj was starting weight watchers prior to her summer hols!
  5. I heard through a mate's friend's driving instructors dog that the RAF would now become Shitish Airways and with immediate effect all the pilots and trolly-dolley's are to go on strike because they've been undervalued and forced to wear ridiculous uniforms for years.

    The Navy will come under the command of the Cowes Sailing club and it's Commodore, Rear-Admiral Sir Bufton-Tufton, will sell all obselete vessels to Switzerland, which will leave it with one small Landing craft, for the Royal Marines, now re-branded as Funny Girls, a chain of outrageous transvestite bars, staffed by burly tattoed and well mannered cross-dressers.

    The Army will downsize but specialise, whereas everyone will join the SAS and we'll have 6 Sqn's of Special Farces. A new unit will be formed called the The Queen George Fusiliers, where anyone can join irrespective of age, mental ability and girth around the waist, and the only obligation to anything military is a fecking great uniform and a medal allocation of one per calender month, depending on how many nights you've earned propping up the bar in your local with your carefully scripted tales of daring-do and undercover skullduggery. It will be commanded by Brig James Shortt and the RSM, will be WO1 M Golden VC DSO.

    I might have misheard but that's what he said . . . .
  6. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    I heard that they will sign the deal for for the Black, Stealth, Hover Tank that was linked in the Sun headline:

    Black, Stealth, Hover Tank in Royal Love cheat Top Brass shocker as stated by elite queen's bodyguard top toff Lance Corporal.
  7. Noooooooooooo, you've given it all away now.
  8. FFS ... OPSEC! 8O
  9. I hear the entire army was being absorbed by the RAF Regiment. Some bloke called Jock Stirrup's idea apparently
  10. Putties are in this season.