SDG days numbered ?

Discussion in 'RAC' started by brew_boy, Jul 17, 2009.

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  1. i have a mate serving with SDG is it true that they are the worst unit to serve with as they are treated like shit? and they are soon to be amalgamated with a proper tank regiment such as 1 RTR as they have no horses so cannot be classed as cavalry?
  2. Wasn't RAC but

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  4. No,lads, he's right.
    They are going to amalgamate with QDG and form the Queens Royal Not English Dragoon Guards.
    Now run along brew boy before your laboon blows away.
  5. 1 RTR a proper tank regiment. My mistake thought they had been joint nbc or CBRN regiment for last 10 yrs. Jog on brew boy.
  6. Think the Bde 51 X might have something to say about this. BTW its RSDG

    Wah detector back on.
  7. They always refer to themselves as (as per JSP) SCOTS DG, though, or SDG is also popular. And I would think Brig of 7X would be more concerned...

    Good bunch when I was working with them, in Fally, during the introduction of CR2.

    They also have a reasonable Pipes and Drums.
  8. Haha, sounds about right.
  9. They've now been renamed 'Fiji DG'! :D
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  11. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    No, no, no, they are mushrooms: kept in the dark and FED on sh!t.

    Just like everybody else.
  12. garbage!

    but on a serious note, all of the heavy cavalry regiments will face a torrid time with the forthcoming major defence review.

    I expect we'll go to 2 hvy regts per div, and they will probably be hybrid units with a mixed capability.

  13. Not all together a bad thing though.

    It is a bit ambiguous to refer to them as Heavy Cavelry Regts as there are five "Divisions" in the RAC - Household, Heavy, Light, RTR and Yeomanry... non of which really relates to the current job spec. Bit like having an LI Bn in Armoured Role!

    A 3 Sqn Regt capable of delivery a mix of Heavy Armour (CR2), Med or Light Armour or Unarmoured (WMIK) would be no bad thing. Shouldn't be too difficult for them to up armour to the next level.
  14. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    Those are administrative divisions, not divisions in the field which, under current doctrine comprise a strong armoured element and are styled as armoured divisions.

    In the same way that "The Army" comprises everything army, but an army in the field is a collection of corps, qv British Army of the Rhine, 1 Army (Tunisia WW2), 2 Army (Normandy), 8 Army (Libya), etc.

    A corps in the field is a collection of divisions (see above) qv 1(Br) Corps in BAOR, 30 Corps (Op Market Garden) etc.

    And so on. The fact is that the entire nomenclature of the British Army is ambiguous. There are two forms of just about everything major (as I have demonstrated) and everything needs to be taken in context., which sadly you haven't.

    These days I think we are lucky if we can field one armoured division (which just happens to be 1 Armd Div).
  15. I was pointing out Alien that a Heavy Cavalry Regiment means one thing, and a Heavy Armoured Regiment means something else.

    I know what Admin Divisions are, but if someone said Heavy Cavalry I'd be thinking of this Division, not Challys.

    Heavy Armour on the other hand, would lead me to conclude they were talking about Challys.

    The roles to my knowledge are Armoured and FR. Not Heavy and Light Cavalry.

    I may be wrong, in which case I stand corrected.