SD Victoria - The so-called 'Worldwide Support Ship'

Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by RCT(V), Nov 6, 2011.

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  1. Further privatisation of the armed services ?! :|

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  2. What does SD stand for?

    Serco Defence Victoria?
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  4. From one of your links...

    Serco Denholm - Classic Tugs
  5. Yep! Since yesterday, I’ve been trying to remember the name of the RN dock-yard “service” associated with that (retained) colour scheme - which you rightly confirm is/was the “Royal Maritime Auxiliary Service”.

    My initial reaction that prompted the original post was . . . . why do we need 29 (twenty-nine!), of these monsters? That would be a large number of one type of ship!

    I imagined the MoD/RN, had somehow managed to order a new class of ship - without the usual debates/budgets/delays/cost over-runs . . . . were we going to mount “demountable” mine hunter rigs on the aft deck? Could/would we mount AA and/or anti-ship weapons?

    . . . . . maybe they’re going to do that anyway!

    In “slow-time” re-reading my own initial post, I see SD Victoria is “ . . the largest of the 29 new vessels ordered by Serco Marine Services from Damen”. So, they are not all the same !?

    It is however, one hell of a “Private Fund Initiative” investment - for which the Government will be paying a great amount!

    I also imagine it now means there will a good number of ex-Royal Maritime Auxiliary Service vessels to be disposed of.
  6. MoD are really pushing the boat out on this one.
  7. Basically MOD privatised dockyard services, and SD are rebuilding the entire RMAS - smaller, but with better vessels.
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