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SCV Flight cancelled due to Volcano

I am currently in Germany and I had a SCV flight booked for my daughter to return back to the UK Sunday AM. The flight was cancelled as they all were

She had to be back in the UK for Mon Am (exams) which wasn't going to happen unless I Drive/Ferry back to Dover and then pack her on a train to her end destination.

With no alternative that was the solution.

The question is, Can I claim these cost back for Ferry/MMA/train etc to get her back and will the MOD accept this due to the cancellation of the return portion of the flight? Also who is responsible for claiming the refund etc when the ticket was bought by HRG?

I am sure some JSP 752 guru can put this to bed quite quickly.
This is quoted from the travel disruption Directed Letter:

3. No alternate travel will be refunded for SCVs. Children stranded abroad should remain in situ until the SCV provided flight becomes available.

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