SCV by Car to NW Europe

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by OscarBoscar, May 22, 2013.

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  1. Whilst a recent ABN announced that SCVs could now be conducted by car from UK to NW Europe using the same principles as GYH(O), my Admin Office's interpretation of the rules as described in the latest JSP 752 is as follows:
    • The only parts of the journey that can be claimed are those where the child(ren) are physically in the car.
    • One SCV Parental Contribution (PC) is made for each leg (regardless of the number of children being transported together).
    • The claimable parts of a leg are:
      • UK School to UK ferry port
      • Ferry / Tunnel Fare
    What appears to be glaringly missing is being able to claim from Calais to my Duty Station. This leg is allowed under GYH(O) and is an acceptable terminal cost if the SCV was conducted by aircraft.
    Before anyone decides to tell me that getting something is better than nothing, I realise that this is better than it used to be if you drove to collect the kids from NW Europe, but I am still picking up the full costs of driving to UK to collect them and returning from UK after dropping them off.

    Can anyone tell me if their admin office has interpreted the new rules differently and provide a POC / reference that I can refer my office to?