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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jack-daniels, Jan 6, 2011.

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  1. I think thats a more correct descriptive name...................
  2. I suppose at least they added the THORPE on the end.
  3. Are you ready for the Scouse invasion on Saturday!!
  4. Escaped Scunthorpe 23 years ago but Ive heard they have electricity and cars up there now so they had better tie them down....can't get a ticket for the match anyway so wont be going up to watch them.............. a bit more revenue though and after Mondays embarrassment of losing the floodlights three times during the match there should hopefully be some one on stand by with lots of 50 pences pieces.
  5. im still round these beautiful parts mate,albeit in one of the select surrounding villages,slightly out of range of the steelworks emmissions...always loved scunny,and defend it now and then.....who put the c*nt in Scunthorpe?? my mum n dad in 74'
  6. Carvers!!!
  7. If your talking Chippies...KINGSTONs is far better.....why haven't poncey southerners got a clue what scraps are???
  8. There was a news story a few years back about a resident being refused an email account by AOHell because they lived in that city - and it was properly spelled, too.

    Can't confuse AOHell with an official Royal Mail postmark or masthead from the local newspaper. They're not falling for that.

    (added) Stuff me - as it were. I just searched that and found it happened in 1996. WTF does time go?
  9. Might have been heavily into his own bar stock, you think?
  10. Totally agree, it does the opposite I'm in my 40s now but still look 25 ish..................must of been all that Wobbly I drunk in my youth.
  11. Yes.Kingstons is the best, but a mate of mine swore by Carvers, and used to shout CARVERS!!! every time we met.Schoolboy stuff, I know, but it amused us.
  12. They were good once but had some rotten fish off them some time in November. Not use them again.

    Live within ear shot of the ground and not hear any noise yet.
  13. Well you won't have heard anything, certainly not from the 'Scunny' fans or is that 'Cunny??' the main reason being is that Everton thumped you 5-1 and Beckford on the score sheet. If we keep drawing lower league clubs then his average will be going up - pity he can't fcuking do it in the Premiership.
  14. Which was why we weren't that sad when he left. I can't see him lasting more then 2 seasons before he ends up somewhere like Burnley.