Scumbaiting 419 scammers...

Today's Daily Mail has a page 33 article on a guy who turned the tables on 419 scammers. Tired of being asked to share his bank details for the receipt of the usual millions in African gains which he would be allowed to share, he started contacting the scammers asking them to confirm their identities.

Thus, he got them to pose for photos holding signs saying 'Plonker' and 'I can't believe it's not butter'. He even got one bloke to pose holding a fish with a loaf of bread on his head while others copied out a Harry Potter book and The Lord of the Rings by hand thinking they were on to a mug.

Pictures at

Case of just desserts methinks.
Nicely done! Especially the guy who's written "I love sailors" on his tshirt. Just makes me wonder HOW exactly he managed to get them to do it - it's not as though they don't speak English.
Class, I particularly liked the 'I can't believe it’s not butter' with our light fingered friend giving the thumbs up as part of the subterfuge.
Theres a few web sites out there with some of the counter scams these guys manage to get going on these 419ers. One even managed to get them to send him money!
Have a look at the Ebola monkey man website I'm sure it's were they got the pics from if not he's the one who started it all off some craking pictures and emails between him and scammers :D
Send a link...
I got 10 ! ,count'em 10 E-mails, all in a row from some UK Gaming Company claiming I was selected to receive 1 mil pounds from the Coca'Cola lottery or some such, this morning ..

.yahoo!! to me.. upon closer inspection, however, I noted it was rife with typos and jarring grammatical locutions..

Have the 419 spammers gotten so bold as to skirt copyright infringement and potentially bring down upon them the wrath of a multi-mega-corp such as Coke?

Still, on the off chance that they really wanted me to have the millions of Brit pounds offered, I dashed off a quick note to the Coke HQ in Atlanta asking if I could have it in US dollars instead and attached the 10 memos..

cheque should be arriving shortly, I assume, and I've decided to take the winnings and fly to Blighty and treat all of ARRSE to a damn good p!ss up..

I'll let you know my ETA as soon as I've cashed the cheque.

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