Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by YorkieDragoon, Mar 17, 2009.

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  1. It's the uniform of the underclass.Innit!
  2. This piece of S**t should be done away with, ! end of......
  3. Nothing that couldn't be solved by a can of lighter fluid and a box of matches!
  4. Manslaughter for throwing a bottle?

    Murder through ignorance or general cuntery would be a better description.

    Hang the prick.

    What did he expect when he threw a bottle at someone in to a crowded area. In fact why was he throwing bottles at all?

    Hang the cnut by the neck, short drop so he can strangle, whilst the crowd throw bottles at him.. the last few being petrol bombs.

    What will this waste of skin ever contribute to society? Fcuk all apart from an attitude.

    Oh, and sue his family for not drowning him in a bucket of his own p1ss, procedes to the three motherless kids and the dead mothers partner.

    I'm getting slightly vexed by the imbeciles we seem to be letting live, and the mischeif that they are allowed to get a way with.
  5. Why would you shave your head, and wear a chain and be fat. You just look like a c u n t
  6. Chuck him out a helicopter at 5,000 plus. I heard that people explode when they hit the water
  7. So when some chinless says "I say chaps" he's having a go is he? :D
  8. Come on, lads. From the way you're all talking, it's like actions routinely have consequences, or something... :roll:

    Cunts like this kicking off because they feel they've a right to is at the source of most of this nation's problems. A few public floggings would go a long, long way towards squaring our national shit away.

    On the other hand, she was a bit of a boot. No harm done.
  9. Why can't we go back to the days when the Station Sergeant gave throbbers like him a birching. It would be an advantage if tickets were sold for these events, the proceeds to go to H4H.
  10. See how bolshy and hard the little fcuker is after 50 strokes of the birch.

    Or we could get medeval on his ass..... cat o nine tails, made from 3 core power flex.

    After each stroke he shouts "Thank you for correcting my attitude, may I have another".

    At the end he leapard crawls to the dead mothers family, pref over broken glass (ironic you see) and begs permission.

    A browning with a single round is presented to the victims families head member to use as they see fit. Up inthe air, in to the head or through the b0110cks... its all good.
  11. [/quote]

    Why can't we go back to the days when the Station Sergeant gave throbbers like him a birching. It would be an advantage if tickets were sold for these events, the proceeds to go to H4H.[/quote]

    Hmm I like your style.
  12. He should be staked out on his back, bollokc naked, legs akimbo and his pig-sticking tackle (probably never had a decent woman outside a shell suit) offered up to James Hook or Chris Patterson for conversion practice.

    Repeat daily just for the groundhog day effect, then every 6 Nations we could do it in front of capacity crowds who all pay £ 1 extra each, all for H4H.
  13. Fcuk it, let's make it a Sky PPV event and make some real money!!!
  14. A 50' belly flop can be enough to open up the guts.

    But oiking him out of said heli from 10,000' with a head-cam nailed to his swede with the camera filiming him crying for his mammy as he plummets to terra FIRMA could be good for a laugh, with another camera on his back filiming the stream of pi55 flowing out of his trouser leg and the sh1t stain growing on his keks.

    I can sense the You Tube counter clicking into overdrive already.