Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Dale the snail, May 4, 2004.

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  1. Made ARRSE a completely new experience and is great?

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  2. Made ARRSE a terrible place to be because you never know where they are lurking (bit like Bert)?

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  3. Made ARRSE have a bloody terribly slow server which is really annoying because they are just looking

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  1. Now is your chance to tell them exactly how you feel!
  2. You missed out a choice, DS; 'Made it all the more interesting because you never know whether what you say on ARRSE in the heat of a cider frenzy is going to make it to The Times opinion columns the next day'
  3. WB - that is covered by Option 2. and 3.

    Think they have got the message yet?????

  4. The last few days have been frustrating in regards to the slowness of the site, but I think more jorno's should come out of the closet and reveal themselves and start posting. More new users from a broader background with fresh opinions is what will keep ARRSE interesting.
  5. Gunny - Gunny Junior and I agree, but they never reveal themselves, they just hide and write wrong stuff. Not right, but wrong. Its unfair, its not like we have infiltrated the Mirror website....
  6. Or the missing option.


    You dopey gets. Wake up & smell the brown stuff. What is the sudden issue with journos? I doubt they took 'those pics' themselves. Someone went to the M***or with them and probably got some cash in return. There aren't so many of them interested in 'us'. A few hits on the site & panic. Get with it. :roll:
  7. of course they have always been here.

    they come to view opinions and trawl for stories and background info. They're not all out to screw us :roll:

    If you don't mind the Top bosses being briefed on your opinions from this site why do you care if the journalists read it too?
  8. Dale, that's not my kid, I keep telling you. And stop calling him Gunny Jr, think of what will happen when he goes to school !

    Mr Handicapped, I KNOW there has been journalists all along here on ARRSE. As a credit to the long established users on here, there hasn't been anything revealed that wasn't already known about, nothing OPSEC, etc, etc. Credit us with some intelligence, this is the internet, not a notice board at Kings Cross Station. Git. Besides, I standby what I said, more variety of users from different backgrounds would make this site more exciting, and that includes more journalists, but only if they don't try to hide behind a false identify, i.e; 'I'm a squaddie'.
  9. We aren't including the lovely Libby in the catch-all 'Scumbag Journo Leeches' are we? :D
  10. All Journos (apart from Littlejohn!) are blood sucking leeches.

    Hang Piers Morgan for treason!
  11. Chocolate Highway. The dig was more at the thread itself and not some of the comments on it. There are enough Walters around here to give any journo their fill of bad stories. As a Blue Job I see myself as an interested - but related - outsider to this site. I'm here to learn more from the Brown Jobs with whom I work a lot of the time. Let anyone with a valid interest put themselves up and say something on this site. There are just a few threads on here at the mo that smack of unrequired panic.
    Anyway - someone is accusing you of fathering something? I'd sell THAT story to the tabloids!