Scum,scum and scum

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Le_addeur_noir, Jan 19, 2009.

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  1. Obviously a disgusting crime with a pathetic sentence. But why is their colour relevant?
  2. Colour irrelevant.

    Punishment should be teh removal of their genitailia with a spoon, followed by a caustic soda shower.

    That´d teach any other brain dead fcuking morons to keep their cokcs in tehir pants and the little hands out of the COSHH locker.

    Hope they don´t get squirrelled away in nick, general pop is where these should be. Preferably in an area where hot water and sugar is freely available.
  3. i dont give a flyingfuck what colour they are...hang them !!!!!!!!!

    Its a disgusting crime.....what was the judge thinking of......????
  4. How their colour makes this any different is beyond me.

    However 6 Years is pathetic. Especially when one considers they'll be out in 4.
  5. Agreed. They should live in the real world.
  6. Le_addeur_noir

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    Their colour is irrelevent, they are just scum.
  7. They'll be all out together again in 9 years time with prison being a badge of 'honor' to boost their 'street cred' whilst the lass that got raped lives with the trauma forever (although why she went round for casual sex to be popular is beyond me - she shouldn't be thinking this way in the first place!).

    Welcome to Britain 2009...
  8. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Don't forget that these three poor kids came from the subjugated immigrant classes, denied any chance of social mobility by the white indigenous masters. They have grown up with the capitalist boot-heel pressing down on their parents. Who are we to blame them if the message they get from our culture of greed and 'self' is that they, as individuals have no value - is it any wonder that they don't possess the proper morals, when we have treated them as no more than animals.

    We should, as a society, reached out to these disadvantaged children and treated them as valued members of society, and not of OUR society, but THEIRS too!

    They are not the ones to be blamed and vilified for failures in society that led them to these heinous crimes - WE are to blame, for we have failed them. Far from hanging them, WE should hang our heads in shame that we are not capable of having a society that is inclusive to all, and treats EVERYONE with dignity and restekpe.

    We must act NOW! We must change NOW! We must re-visit the terrible crimes of our colonial past, learn the lessons therein, and pay all those not of these lands who have come here seeking freedom what is due to them, both fiscally and morally for our past.

    We should release these wronged children, and apologise.
  9. Possibly, and very sadly, because she has learning difficulties and thought that as a 16 yr old that's what popular people do? As you say...Welcome to the modern world/country... :(
  10. IIRC, I first heard about this on ARRSE; it had been posted by a serving Plod as an example of some of the scum out there. :evil:

    Six years is fcuking pathetic. They will serve about 3.5 anyway...unless we get lucky and they p1ss off the wrong "daddy" inside. :twisted:

    And that just about sums up our pathetic system; the only hope for real justice is that criminal scum are killed by OTHER criminal scum. :x

    I think the Septics have the right idea, and not just in their sentancing: judges should be elected, so we can get rid of useless cnuts like this. :evil:
  11. Their colour is not irrelevant. They comprised a race-based gang. Furthermore, two were immigrants, one from a country with no particular connections to the UK. I am offended.
  12. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    Might well be the judge was thinking "these sentencing guideline are a load of bollox...". We probably will never know.
  13. The Victim, the families, the CPS and the Police need a realistic way of appealing such cases the same way the guilty can in order to increase sentences, the same way theirs can be decreased.

    Such pathetic judges need to be investigated when they make such weak decisions in dealing with such horrific crimes.

    Whats wrong with "It says I can give you life. I'm giving you life... Argue for a lesser sentence in Appeals Court."
  14. Nothing surprises me about the 'justice' system in the UK anymore....... The perpetrators get treated as 'victims' and the real victims are ignored. The horrors of her experience must be compounded knowing the system cares so little as to give such minor sentences. She is the one who will really suffer a life sentence.