Scum robbing useless cr4p

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Banshee_09, Sep 15, 2008.

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  1. following on from the lawless north and dangerous places threads,

    I arrived home today to find that some scrote has taken the time and effort to climb over 4 garden walls/fences to get into my back garden and nick my lawnmower!!

    Now normally i would be on the outrage bus about this (breakdown of law and order etc), however i'm not seething with rage as it was the oldest half knackered, falling to bits flymo ever, but it begs the question, with better mowers in my neighbours garden are the local chavs/scum deciding to shed their image and start to tidy themselves up but doing it on the cheap?? although why they need a lawnmower in a rancid block of flats is beyond me!

    anyone else had useless old tat robbed that they're not overly bothered about?
  2. 4 garden walls to get it?!?! A good effort I reckon!
  3. A mate of mine had an old knackered, rusty bike with one wheel in his garden shed and couldn't be arrsed to take it to the dump. When he came home from work one day, his shed had been broken into and the bike had gone. The idiot thief left all his tools and other floggable stuff on the shelf. Baffling.
  4. agreed, it was quite old and pretty heavy so i'm glad i didn't catch him at it as he must have been about 8 foot tall and built like a brick out house!!
  5. Are you sure they climbed 4 walls and not just the one from next door? Watch out for your neighbour's grass suddenly looking neat :wink:
  6. Some idiot took the time to nick the plug off a fridge that was at the end of my drive waiting for the council to pick it up.

  7. There was this joke a few years ago, that if you couldn't be arsed to take somthing down the dump. You stuck it on the front lawn with a "for sale" sign & wait for some scumbag pikey to nick it!!!!!

    As for electric plugs, when I had an old dog & wandered around with him a lot, anything in a skip was fair game for spare parts. Would walk him around, with a dog lead, wire cutters & a screwdriver set in my pocket. Got to the point where if I picked up my wire cutters, he thought he was going for a walk.

    He's been dead these last several years & theres still no sign of me ever running out of electric plugs. Even though I've given a load away over the years!
  8. That was me.
    Don't you watch Bob the builder?
  9. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    Actually I tested this theory using a mate's old fridge. He left it at the end of his drive for a few days-maybe a week- hoping the pikey scrappers would take it. The skip man refeused to take it unless s disposal fee was paid. We gave it a quick clean and put a sign on it "For sale £30 ONO". Got nicked less than two days later.
  10. I paid the council £5 to take away an old single bed that was left in my house when I bought it. I left it at the end of my drive ready for the council to take it away and overnight some pikey tw4t nicked the mattress but left the bed!
  11. Although the "Garbo's" will take anything and any amout put out on the weekly collection, we do have 2 bulk rubbish days a year for the really big/heavy hernia inducing stuff [large tyres/white goods/trabants etc.,]
    On these days the "Roma" decend from their villages like the hoards of Ghengis Khan loading up most of it onto their horse and carts before the official takeaway. Interesting to watch these swarthy fellows racing each other to take the finer pickings. [This is Hungary of course]
  12. Haha yea, we lifted a 100kg+ easy weights machine out of my dads gym and left it with a for sale sign on with the intend of someone coming to nick it, took us bloody ages to get out it did, went to the shop (it was outside) and it was gone in like 5 minutes :eek: bloody Hulk took it.
  13. some pikey f*ck broke into my car and nicked my manky army kit which was about 10 years old. Bit of a godsend as I got loads of shiny new kit from the insurance claim.
  14. I bet it'll be bl00dy walts, the airsofting fcukers.

    To the batmobile Robin!!! :D
  15. i hadn't thought about local pikeys.... maybe they're giving the caravan a makeover!