Scum of the Earth


Just read this review of Roy William's new play, "Days of Significance" Telegraph Review . With all the good work being done by ARRSE, the Federation, increasingly good press coverage of the work of the forces in combat, all of which may bring an increased awareness of the forces to the public's attention, should we be concerned about plays which portray the Army as this extract indicates?

Two of these feckless idiots are Army boys, off to Iraq, where the lack of discipline and morality at home spills out as they attempt the tricky task of maintaining a fragile "peace" in Basra. One of the lads, Ben, disobeys orders and starts shooting at unarmed children, whom he describes as "maggots"; another, Jamie, is later prosecuted for the abuse of prisoners. What sort of moral authority can the West have in such conflicts, the play asks, when these are the representatives of our values?

It may be a work of fiction, but in a world where the general public believe everything on Big Brother and the Sun we should be wary of this sort of publically aired prortrayal of the Army.

Does the Army still portray an outward appearance of being the product of an immoral and undiscipled upbringing " the scum of the earth" as Wellington said, or should we reject this image as dated and damaging and demand better representation in the media?

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