Scum now wants re-homing and police protection - unbelievable!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by P_J, Mar 16, 2011.

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  1. P_J

    P_J Old-Salt Book Reviewer

  2. **** & ****
  3. Hahaha, Billy Big Balls on telly, but in real life, without the back up of the local Jihadi??????????????
  4. Apparently he has "fled his council flat". well in that case I think the council should give it to someone else (maybe a homeless ex-serviceman) and list the twat as "voluntarily homeless" and therefore not elegible for another one.
  5. No news here. He's just another fine example of our population. The people who are at fault are those who issue the death threats. If you talk about it you won't do it. He'll come to no harm.
  6. Just as I predicted on the thread about this and i'm just not at all surprised. I think he needs to have the courage of his convictions and stand up for what he believes in and take the consequences.
  7. We could re-home him in one of his desired caliphates. He'd be happy there.
  8. It's probably for the best, maybe he can claim aylum and see if they give him £800 a month.
  9. So now that ******* Thing will cost us 20k p.m. with Police protection, which I m sure he will receive.
  10. I'm sure we can make enough room for him on a herc or something heading off to the 'gan, save spending money on an airfare for him. Escort from the airfield to the front gate. Im sure all his terry friends will help him from there.
  11. It's as good a plan as any and it can't breach his human rights he fcuking hates it here, doesn't he?
  12. all along he just wanted to porvoke and be and now he's getting more than he bargained for. tough luck.