Scum let off punishment if they apologise?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Nov 27, 2008.

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  1. From the article

    Personnaly, IMHO, a good birching for the first offence pretty much nips this sort of behaviour in the bud.

    Say 1,000 lashes in front of the town, just before a footy match. 500 if they say sorry at the event to their victim.

    2nd offence doubles the amount to 2,000. 3rd offence, 3,000 lashes. Whoes up for a 4th offence?
  2. Actually, if you read into it, the scheme makes perfect sense

    Youths only
    First offence
    Non-serious crime
    Victim agrees

    What is so bad about that?
  3. So you were a perfect child and never, ever broke even the most minor law whilst growing up?

    There again, with such a childish post, it is obvious you never did grow up did you!!
  4. Where exactly is the incentive not to do it in the first place? They could get away with loads of such actions, then get caught. But that´s ok because they have a get of jail free card in their back pocket.

    Not good at all.

    6 months hard labour, followed by an apology. Now we´re getting somewhere.
  5. Nope, never grown up.

    Perfect child... nope.

    But then again, I didn´t mug grannies, nor beat people up. I didn´t steal, I didn´t act like a yobbo, or a lout.

    Nor was I blackmailed in to such behaviour by the lure of free i-pods and such.

    I was brought up to believe that you should act responsibly.

    Apparently that´s pretty fcuking rare now adays, and not helped by soft pish like the scheme in the article.

    Kids need strict guidlines to build their character, not wishy washy hand wringing schemes.

    I didn´t have an idilic chidlhood, but my mother and grandparents did their best. And I still hate the fcukers who burgled my grandparents... that is score I´d love to settle.

    If my family could afford to bring me up descently, then so can anyone eles.

    Likewise, my few misdemeaners generally ended up in tears. Mine.

    Like I say though, not an angel, but not a granny bashing, theiving yob either.
  6. I broke laws/rules as a child, then I had a physical punishment along with a very strong explanation about why what I did was wrong and why I was going to be punished. It worked and I am not bitter about it.

    Too many criminals now have people making excuses for their behaviour. Probably giving perpetrators the idea that they are the victims. That is tosh and childish IMO.
  7. These turds arm't sorry they committed the offence. They're sorry that they got caught. You never hear of people going voluntarily to the police to confess their transgressions but ther are very sorry when they sit in the charge room.
  8. Define "non-serious crime". :roll:

    If my house had been burgled, I would not give a fcuk about the age, social circumstance or remorse of the criminal - I would want the worthless little b@stard to be PUNISHED. :evil:
  9. The main ingredient here is if the victim agrees. However, if the victim does not agree then the criminal could intimidate the victim further and agree due to this.

    I'd try this idea providing further crimes by a 'sorry' criminal are dealt with harshly to give this scheme weight. But I can't see that can you? It will lead to a second and third chance and so on.
  10. Then as you wouldn't agree, it wouldn't apply.

    Still, we mustn't allow that little fact stop people from frothing at the mouth. :roll:
  11. These sort of people live with violence and therefore should be treat with violence, they understand its values and use. You just lower standards even more when you think all they need is a hug or a stern tellig off
  12. I can really see a frail old 89 yo who lives with their 85 yo wife, in an area where scum roam free saying "Actually, I don´t want your apology. And if you´d kindly ask your family to refrain from throwing bricks through my window that would be nice too".

    Scheme is daft, and wishy washy. First time caught? Birch ém till they can´t bear to put a shirt on their own back.
  13. It can't be any worse than letting a load of Terrorists off provided the promised not to be naughty anymore.
  14. Excellent! Resort to fantasy to support your right to dislike this proposal.

    Nice chatting to you but I must get back to planet Earth now.