Scum kills new dad. Just like in the movie "Scum".

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by chocolate_frog, Feb 21, 2008.

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  1. The Sun

    How on earth do you admit manslaughter, when you go away, take your shoe and sock off, put your shoe back on. Put a snooker ball in your sock, and then smash some poor bloke over the head with it?

    What do you think is going to happen to the other guys head? Erm (I am no doctor by the way) but I am guessing massive head trauma, smashed skull, fragments in to the brain maybe? Just guessing here.

    In fact I would imagine that the impact would have been similar to hitting the victim with a hammer.

    Manslaughter? How about fcuking MURDER?

    What is more, this creature decided that this man could die (or face serious injury) because he supported a rival team (he didn't actually support the rival team).

    What scum. I hope he is sent down for life. And straight afterwards (when he is realeased in about 3 months) I suggest CSA gets in touch and says.

    "You aren't the kids father but you did kill him. Here are YOUR NEW RESPONSIBILITIES. Pay up. PS the kid will go to Eton and Oxbridge* and you're paying, they may even need the odd trip abroad to go kayaking in Canada or similar, guess who's paying for that?"

    *Or other expensive school.

    The other 3 cretins in the group should be banged up and forced to pay too. For the simple fact that they were there, and that the four of the brain dead retards killed a man through sheer stupidity. Oh, and they should be banned from watching their team and England for life. Every match should see them report to the nearest prison to be banged up.

    Sorry for the Rant, but this idiocy has really hit by button.
  2. You admit manslaughter and the CPS save the cost of a trial. Also, there is not a fixed sentence for manslaughter so in theory an absolute discharge is possible. It's back to money.
  3. fcuk me, over football? I don't support any teams, it's all shite anyway, all the football hooligans are aload of closet paedos anyway, the dirty little scum bags.
  4. Manslaughter is a defence to murder - so an absolute discharge is not possible (unless you are found not guilty obviously), although it can carry a life sentance.
  5. I have never wanted to see the death penalty brought back so much in my life.

    What did this mong expect to happen after he hit his victim with a snooker ball in a sock? That he'd get up and say "Good one"?

    Guy needs to take a long drop attached to a short rope. A family no doubt destroyed, and a child who will never see their dad again because of 3 idiots and 1 utter cnut.

    Or we could copy the taliban, and shoot the fcuker in the centre of the his footy teams (who he loves so much he would kill or maim for) next match.
  6. its fcuking discusting that the cps didnt push for murder i know its all about money and how much they have saved but the main difference between murder and manslaughter is the so call "maice a thorthought" (hope thats spelt right) This Cnut was premeditated in putting the ball in his sock thats murder. CF your right i too have never been in favour of the death penalty but somthing needs to be done and fast. Having seen the news this morning that the court system is been told not to send people to jail as they are now full this utter cnut will prob get community service
  7. The Iranians have got this sorted, simply lift them slowly with a crane, short sharp drop is to good for these. :x
  8. Another reflection on British society when a life can be taken as a result of something so petty as football. It also doesn't say much for the criminal justice system.
  9. he admitted a heinous crime and is out on bail awaiting sentence

    is the Judge mad
  10. A few years back, I got into a fight on the way home from work with two drunken hoodie types clutching cans of lager, who, to cut a long story short basically left me no choice but to lamp one of them. (The one I walloped being the guy swinging around in my face,... yes, you guessed it - a snooker ball in a sock as a makeshift cosh)

    Whilst sitting astride this knobber in the road giving him a good kicking, his mate (who like an idiot I'd forgot about) picked up the snooker ball in sock cosh which he'd dropped when I hit him - and lumped me across the left shoulder from behind - and then across the back of the head for good measure.

    I heard a buzzing sound in my ears, blacked out for a second or so...and then recovered and carried on slapping the idiot in front of me - (I just didnt twig what had happened) until I couldnt see, and wiped liquid from my eyes (thinking it was his spilt beer) and realised I was covered in Blood pissing out of the back of my head.

    I got up and staggered towards the guy with the cosh - who tried to run away and hit him.

    Luckily for me - as I was feeling a bit dizzy by then, a guy came out of a nearby house to help me out and they both ran off.

    Reading that above, seems I got off extremely lucky they didnt fracture my skull- took a lump out the back of my head basically left a permanent bald patch as there was no skin, hair etc left at all where the cosh had hit me.

    Police never caught them.
    And this was over nothing at all.

    The film Scum has a lot to answer for :D
  11. the bast**ard should be hung, but sadly, the death penalty, will not return in our lifetimes (except for brazilians of course).

  12. Maybe we could get them Brazilian citizenship :roll:
  13. The Blair legacy. Tough on the victims of crime, defend the human rights of the perpetrators at all costs. Who is to say that this individual was not seriously traumatised by his football team's performance. Who is to say that carrying around 2 pool balls inside a sock are not substitute worry beads. The CPS was right in the Blair viewpoint in not pursuing a murder charge, the Blair camp questions the action in charging him with manslaughter when he so clearly could have been an innocent victim of circumstance. The Blair ca
    mp would appeal for a lenient sentence suspended for 6 months during which time the victim otherwise known as the perpetrator could receive counselling and benefits/compensation to help him get over this traumatic trial.\
    I speak on behalf of the BLAIR legacy and am off to receive my six figure backhander.
  14. Time for Britain to adopt the Singapore legal system,a country where criminals are scared of the police and the sentences handed out for crime of the nature described above.

    A country that also executes murderers.
  15. I s there any way that I can appeal against this sentencing? Could I write to my local MP or the Home Secretary? Any pointers would be appreciated as this is just ridiculous.