scum jailed for 110 years (says he is a soldier of freedom)

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by predatorplus, Aug 6, 2007.

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  2. Good, got what they deserved.
  3. That's disgusting. I'm glad they got caught.
  4. How will they keep him alive for that long?
  5. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Do you want to take the soldier bit out of the title. This piece of sh1t has no qualities required of a soldier.
  6. Every time I hear about this story, I'm filled with disbelief and disgust at their actions and choked by the fate of that young girl and her family.

    If I were an Iraqi, this would be reason enough for me to join the insurgency. I wonder how many real soldiers died as a result of this. Life in prison isn't nearly enough punishment.
  7. Animals

    Do any of our American COusins know where these

    scum will serve their sentences

    will it be ( I hope ) some where nasty
  8. He can go up for parole in ten years though, takes the sting out of 110 years. I think the US soldiers kidnapped off the bridge, and I think one body has been found was supposed to be direct retaliation for the Iraqi murders (say the insurgents).
  9. What scum. Should have been hung.
  10. Hear hear - complete scum. This gang have more than likely contributed to the deaths of many more of their own kin due to this disgraceful act. I hope they rot in hell. :evil:
  11. there we go, so called 'soldier of freedom' changed to scum of the underworld... lets hope the bigger boys in prision do to him that he did to that poor girl
  12. Stand and act as look out? After playing cards and drinking?

    That aside.

    I hope rats eat his eyes.
  13. One nasty spin off is that stuff like this, fuelling the insurgency, is also putting British service personnel an an increased risk.
    I'm still completely shocked that this happened, i mean for gods sake it was a 14 year old girl! Have these "people" no conscience?