Scum!!! from a Council Estate!!!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by boris7, Sep 3, 2007.

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  1. I was born in Malaya managed to get through the Japanese Occupation and ended up on a council estate here in UK post WW2....

    Today I was in a pub and chatted with many people.....

    And during conversation....amongst the group of people....a question was raised...where do you all come from!...this was to all people present!!!

    I went by my times during the Japanese Occupation of Malaya, and mentioned the Council Estate near London near were I lived late 1950!

    I mentioned the words "Council Estate" and suddenly I became "Public Enemy Number !"..........

    So my question is....what is wrong with a "Council Estate".....?
  2. Quick answer to that is NOTHING. I would imagine a very large percentage of blokes in the forces were raised on Council Estates (or similar) but they aren't all bad. It's just stereotyping as there are good and bad in all sections of the population.
  3. back in the 60s-70s on a council estate, you could leave your door open all day long.. all the kids mums looked after all the kids..we played out side..we fought each other -had best friends- gangs-fun--and no one got hurt.....try living on a council estate these days...i dont even drive through were i used to live..its too dangerous...england....time to sort your self out if its not too late...
  4. I bought a maisonette on a council estate in a fairly nice part of London in 1995 from tenants who had exercised their right to buy, and I've been there ever since. I can't say I've had any real problems, and when the neighbours have been a tiny bit irritating a call to the Housing Department got them sorted out. The central heating and hot water cost peanuts, they've double glazed it (with me paying for my share but at a lot less than it would have cost if only one flat was being done) and it's soared in value. So it can be fine, it just depends on the quality of the property, the sort of people on the estate and the attitude of the local authority management.
  5. I just purchased the council house I lived in 50 years ago....and donated it to a local a "Halfway House...
  6. Boris....put the bottle down and sleep it off.
  7. god thats a word from the past,, mum always called it a upstairs flat as she didnt like the french word for it,,,,they also bought there ,,flat then sold it and bought a nice would have to sell both kidneys to be able to afford it these days..
  8. Chav Scum!

  9. I am in my 4 month holiday from Malaysia....
    Normaly I bash Muslims.... for being seditious...
    Been locked up twice :evil: sorry about spellings!!!
  10. Hurry up back
  11. Well. it's a flat on two floors, but not really a freestanding house.
  12. i know what one is i lived in one for 16 years,,,,
  13. Sorry, I wasn't trying to teach anyone to suck eggs, just describing my gaff.