Scum bags

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by foxycoxy, Jul 23, 2008.

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  1. Don't know if this the right forum but here goes

    I hope the low life who stole my son's engraved i pod whilst he was away on exercise dies a slow, painful and horrible death - soon.

    Scum of the earth :evil:
  2. Easy come easy go. A valuable lesson for the future.

  3. This fella likes I Pod's. Give him a bell!

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  4. A slow, painful and horrible death for nicking an ipod? What would you wish on the low life if he'd taken his arse virginity quickly followed by his mouth's?

    Over reaction me thinks. Yoor son should sort his admin out and lock his room or his valuables away.
  5. You only have his word that it was stolen - my guess he has used it to secure beer tokens as its getting towards the end of the month
  6. Bit harsh mate. Anyway, I had to Scotchbrite the back of the thing to get the engraving off, its a nightmare.
  7. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Pah! Small potatoes!

    Some cnut climbed over two garden walls last night and stole my Arrowhead GT mountain bike with Marzzochi forks. CNUT CNUT CNUT CNUT CNUT CNUT CNUT!!!!! I was using it for my fitness build-up and was really getting into it.

    Now I'm going to have to run around with a short length of heavy timber with which to smash around the head of said miscreant (when I find him) until his grey matter is splattered all over the pavement.
  8. Tat was me too. Sorry :oops:
  9. Console yourself with the thought that he's ideally cut out for the Navy.
  10. GOD-DAMNIT Arby, you Pilfering tea leaf, was it you that stole my lynx shower gel too? I am CERTAIN i packed it in my wash bag, but was it there this morning? :x

    I had to use toilet duck... :roll:
  11. sadly, that was not me. It turns out you are just a manky fucker who never brings the right kit. Wash more. PPP and all that.
  12. I'm reminded of when I returned from Kosovo in 2000 after a year of clearing bombs and mines ... and meeting the injured, grieving and affected with their burnt crops, cattle and houses.

    I went out with the gf and a bunch of people from the hospital where she worked for pre Christmas drinks. There was one chap there who banged on all night about how his poor mother had lost "everything" in the recent floods. At the end of the night I sort of lost the plot and said something along the lines of "What, lost her sons? Lost her house? Lost her possesions? Lost her livelihood? Lost her mind? Fcuk off feller and put it into perspective".

    Only this morning we hear on the news that yet another soldier has lost his life in Afghanistan. Yet another two have probably lost limbs. Put it into perspective mate ... it was only a fcuking gadget and he probably contributed to it's loss by leaving it unsecured.

    I know it's the NAAFI but how fcuking petty!
  13. Fair one, although i shall now be switching to toilet duck. I've had a few comments already about my fresh citrus scent and it's really not that bad, once the blistering and bleeding stops.
  14. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Was it you that tea leafed my stash of "Busty MILF's in Bondage" mags Vol 1 thru 7?
    If it was...You theiving git!! :twisted:
  15. An engraved i-pod?
    He needs slapping for crimes against good taste.
    Does he have a personalised number plate and subscription to Franklin Mint too?