Scum bags to be released petition

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Adam(KOS), Apr 8, 2011.

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  1. thank you for posting on the forum the more we get to sighn the better
  2. I say release them, but offer no protection of anonymity.

    Vigilante groups can't burn them in their own beds where they are now...

    Or we bring back the death penalty.
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  3. Agreed, this type of scum should be eliminated.
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  4. I really can't understand why we can't have the death penalty kept on the books for incidents such as these. Read what they did... if you don't know that is wrong, then there is no help for you.

    Ditto for the venables and fcukwit (what ever his name was), and a selection of others.

    Here is another piece of trash that could, perhaps, benefit from a 6inch nail driven in to their skull.
    Portrait of a pitiless murderer, Sarah Davey enjoys nights out and shopping trips | Mail Online
  5. Its because liberal left wing hippies thought that everyone should have the right to live even though they took someone else right to live away. I am more then in favour of bringing the death penalty for scum like this and other wasters like them where society would be far better off with them exterminated.
  6. Done and FB'd as well
  7. Signed. For what it's worth.
  8. Thanks.
    Done the FB thingy as well
  9. Signed it too
  10. The Irony being the more it's publicised the more wonga will be needed to keep them safe, oh well as long as we keep the baying Daily Mail readers happy eh?
  11. At age 16 he wouldn't of faced the death penalty no matter how much collective will to kill there is!
  12. Signed....
  13. Signed, but I dont suppose it will make any difference to the deadbeats in charge (are you listening Clarke)
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