Scum Article by McNab

As one warrant officer from Yorkshire put it to me: “First we tried softly softly, but that didn’t work. Then we did hearts and minds, and that didn’t work either.

“Now we’re giving them a f***ing slapping. They’ll listen to that all right.”

God I love that sentiment. keep up the brilliant work
Good article and a fcuk of a lot closer to reality than most of the pap fired out by our tree hugging, twisted media.


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I remember reading, som years ago, someone else's view:

"Grab them tight by the balls... thier hearts and minds will soon follow!"
Good article written by McNab however wouldn't mind seeing Tom Newton-Dunn being hit by a mortar the two-faced tw@t!
Of all the articles coming out if Iraq and Afghanistan, this paints the picture as realistically as possible - but then it would wouldn't it? Pity it is in the 'Scum'.
A good article and I'm very surprised it's in the SCUM.

You'd almost think it was a newspaper.
Well done McNabb for pointing them facts out, despite what hes done in the past it must have took ba*ls of steel to go out there in the way he did as an unarmed civvi.
Good article and excellent that it was in the Sun - the ONLY paper that politico's actually listen to, a few million people will have read that by now.


a very good article shame its in the same back stabbing rag that likes to stab the forces in the back when it suits.


The last paragraph summed up for me exactly how my husband and his mates going out to Afghanistan next week feel and I especially love the last line;

What the Rifles’ CO, Lt Col Justin Maciejewski, told me summed it all up.

The colonel said: “You know, never before have I been less interested in what the media are saying back in Britain about this place.

“All the hand-wringing is all well and good, but it’s just simply wrong.

“We’re not victims, and we are actually making a difference here. We’ve taken the fight to them and we’re winning it.”

What I witnessed here was the most professional, motivated and well-armed generation of soldiers our country might have ever seen.

Yes, they are under constant 24-hour threat, they’re knackered, run ragged and some are even losing mates.

But the truth is most of these guys are also having the time of their lives.

They are closing in on the enemy, killing them, and they’re loving it — it’s what they’re paid to do and it’s why they joined the infantry.

I’m not saying everybody has to like it. Just understand it.

Then the liberal hand wringers might just realise these soldiers don’t want their sympathy after all.
Let's not lose sight of the fact that 'Saint Andy' is a successful businessman who has made a mint on the back of his British Army connections and experiences. Fair play to him and let's hope that some of his profits go to the RGJ/Rifles Benevolant Funds.

And why the black maskers? Either have your picture taken or don't. Oh hang on I see the reason now, his chin is as multiple as mine, that's reassuring.

The taking cover picture is a gem, the photographer must be in an exposed position don't you think?
Its a good article, but its still fecks me right off when they start with "Our brave boys". Nice to see them backking the lads when they can spank HMG with it, it would be good if they did that all the time.

Scum by name scum by nature.


Well done Andy McKnob for going out there and getting the real skinny! Whatever's said about the guy, you can't help but admire the sentiment behind what he did, even if he was paid a princely sum for it. The point being that he didn't have to do it!

We all know that we come from civvie life and then join the army. After our service, we don't become "civvies" again, but "ex-squaddies" for the rest of our lives. That's the difference.



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Ronnie8781 said:
wouldn't mind seeing Tom Newton-Dunn being hit by a mortar the two-faced tw@t!

Sorry if I sound ignorant here but I don't know who he is or what he's done.....can someone enlighten me please???

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