Scuba diving in the Ascension Islands?

I am looking into the possibility of organising a scuba diving AT expedition next year. At present the options under consideration are: Ascension Islands, Cyprus and Egypt. The Ascension Islands are proving tricky to research. It appears there is a local, BSAC affiliated dive club on the Island.

Does anyone know if there is a military club also? Or better still has anyone been on/run an exped out there that can give me some advice?

I have dived in all three areas, but as a young sprog so cant advise on planning/organising etc. All I can say is that Egypt offered by far the best Diving sites, We were on a liveaboard and sailed round to a few wrecks.


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I didn't dive when I was last there in 2005, but I do remember that the currents and swells are pretty dangerous. Also the sea turtles go there to lay eggs around I think September so some of the Islands beaches are protected.

Fantastic place to visit and if you can go to St Helena, then that's the absolute dogs.
I've led an exped to Ascension and can thoroughly recommend it. Having said that, it poses some particular challenges that you need to be aware of.

* The first is that you need to be given a military slot and there are only a very finite number (2?) per year for the Army. I'd recommend speaking to ATG(A) in HQ LF to start with.
* If you are fortunate enough to get a slot then you are quids in as most of the admin is done for you including, crucially, flights. There is an exped hut when you get there which has all the kit you need plus boats, air (Nitrox now?), cylinders, etc.
* The downside is that you get hosted by RAF Ascension ...... and I also gather that you now have to sleep/feed in the camp up the hill rather than down by the water which is a sad loss.

Disclaimer: This info at least three years old!

P.S If you need a SADS I might know one whose availability for next year is looking pretty good ......

P.P.S Egypt wins over Cyprus every time!
Dived in Ascension in 1997 & again in 1999. Awesome diving but can be challenging with swells and tides. Shore diving off the beach can see you thrown 20m back up it like a stranded turtle while putting your fins on and entering a rib can tricky! Done two liveaboard trips to Egypt with BLESMA last year and this year. Absolutely top diving and highly recommended if you can get the dosh for it but book a boat now for next year or you will miss out.

Edited to add link to my dit on the BLESMA diving (for those divers interested):

BLESMA Red Sea Diving trip | Think Defence
Don't forget the resident thieves ....

I recommend Egypt, it has some of the best diving spots in the world, for all abilities. Plus is you want to dive with sharks some spots are teeming with them.
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