Iam off to do my SCTC in Sept has anyone just done the course who can give me a heads upon what to expect e.g PM me a time table maybe? and fitness levels required as i have just starting running again after a long term back injurie cheers !
I did it last September mate r u doing juniors,seniors or plt cm as its all mixed in together the best advice i can say is make sure ure very fit as the cft is right bitch and crawling every where with a **** load of kit on is no fun even when u r fit, try to get some knee pads as my knees were fuc*ed from crawling after a couple of days
Cheers for advice so far gonna push up my running as soon as injury lets me but load carries will have to wait a little while until iam confident i wont break down! and gonna get the knee pads asap !

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