Scrutiny of US foreign policy

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jumpinjarhead, Sep 17, 2009.

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  1. Scrutiny of US foreign policy

    Worries over US and British troops in Afghanistan (Report, 17 September) are on the rise as more and more soldiers – and civilians – are killed in this terrible conflict. Concerns also remain over US-Iranian relations; attempts to close the prison in Guantánamo are proving difficult; and renditions continue unabated. The Israelis and Palestinians are locked in stalemate – as before.

    Though Obama's leadership has enhanced America's image, as yet there has been no major change from the policies and outcomes of the Bush years. Yet the Obama presidency is still reported in the mainstream media as a happy departure from the "disastrous Dubya". Though we are from opposite ends of the political spectrum, we strongly challenge this. The public, we feel, should be properly informed that the US will pursue its interests, regardless of which party holds power.

    Obama presents himself as the "un-Bush". But when you look at substance, rather than style and rhetoric, and the structural constraints on presidential power, you can legitimately question the extent of his ability to change US policies. We call for a richer and better informed debate on US policy abroad. We need to end this unhealthy obsession with personalities and look properly at the issues – an admittedly difficult task given the supremely gifted and charismatic president now in office.

    Journalists must be more forthright about the multibillion-dollar Pentagon budget, the massive numbers of US military bases around the world, the sheer scale of the US national security state. If, in Britain, more people knew of the 57 US bases in the UK, we might all be more realistic in our attitudes to that country.

    Though it is quite unusual in political circles for left and right, neocon and liberals to come together in this way, it's not unusual for academics and intellectuals to engage with each other constructively and in a grown-up fashion – which may provide the best way to proceed.

    Professor Inderjeet Parmar University of Manchester, Dr Mark Ledwidge University of Manchester, Professor Rob Singh Birkbeck College, Dr Tim Lynch Institute for the Study of the Americas
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    Other than that - Jonno, if you hadn't earned it before, you have now. Well done.