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Scrummy Girl Guide & Brownie Leaders ~ potential MILFs ?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by mag2grid, Dec 2, 2007.

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  1. Went along to a Brownie & Guide Carol service today to see my wee 7yr old girl with her troop do some singing etc. Was absolutely gobsmacked to see the calibre of adult leaders. In my day as a cub & scout we were used to female Arkelas who were 25 Stone with grey hair in a bun. Today there were yummy mummys in boots, short skirts and sweatshirts avec make up. How times have changed. It was hard to concentrate on the carols when there were a few bits of eye candy. Is it wrong to have bad thoughts on a Sunday afternoon in a place of worship. Maybe I need counselling ? Any other chaps had a similar wonderful awakening with their kids at extra mural activities ?
  2. Pictures?
  3. Sorry would not have been protocol to take photos of yummy mummys in a church. I have some standards, albeit rather low !!.
  4. That's your problem. You need to take those standards and bin 'em.
    My son's nursery school has a few good MILFs and some of the trainee 'teachers' aren't bad.
    On the other hand my eldest daughters mates have all turned 16 now... I know going straight to hell. :twisted:
  5. I could feed a brown owl.
  6. Had a similar experience when I took my daughter to infant school and found all the Mums (well almost all) to be highly fit.
    Now she is nineteen, well I think scc970 and I will be sharing a fire.
    naughty thoughts in Church? Best place for them, - you can immediately pray for forgiveness.
  7. Im afraid I am afflicted with the same yummy mummy syndrome at my sons nursery school, the older you get, the fitter near enough every female on the planet seems to become! Well, within reason of course. :wink:
  8. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    It's going to be a good barby, when we are all in hell!

    When my daughters were at primary school, I used to do Santa for the place. I had a natural advantage, being old, fat and hairy, so fitted the bill.
    Kiddies would sit on my knee and tell me anything. Fast forward several years, to weddings, birthdays, etc. Same kiddies, now in late 20's and early 30's. Funny thing is, the girls now refuse to sit on my lap and promise to be good little girls for me!

  9. Off you go:
  10. Vey imaginitive user name
  11. It's spelled Akela. I know, because I am a Cub Scout leader.

    Scouts has changed. Thats why its a movement not an organisation.

    Gone are the shorts and caps. Its cargo trousers and green sweats.

    I must say I've seen a few lovely looking female Beaver Scout Leaders whilst at a district camp.
  12. See you're living upto your name there, excellent play on words.
  13. My OH works as a nursery nurse, not many MILFS there but there is one or two when im sat outside waiting for her......

    Must make sure the phone camera is charged ;-)

    Also, on way home, usually go past rugby/hockey field with the girls hockey teams playing.....

    Taxi for 1 to Hell please
  14. "female Beaver"

    OMG hell here i come..............again
  15. I used to work with a bird that was a leader in a girl guide type organisation. I can't remember the name but it evolved from world war two.

    She did try and tell me about it but I had trouble listening as she would have got it all over.