Scruffy Cops

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by CptDanjou, Mar 4, 2013.

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  1. I went into Morrisons supermarket yesterday only to see a copper no doubt collecting some shoplifter , what surprised me was the scruffy police twat had long tied back hair ! his boots had not seen polish for days either , he was in a patrol car and in uniform , guess its modern policing ?
  2. Maybe it's part of softening their image away from the snarling bonehead, 'shaved ape' look the younger ones tend to favour.
  3. And they all look 13, wasn't like that in my day etc
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  4. They only hang around public lavatories in their time off nowadays.
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  5. Yep, they're nearly all scruffy twats these days.......
  6. I remember when they were all over 6ft tall, wore proper bobby hats, carried a truncheon and always knew your Dad.
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  7. Tis true, saw some GMP TAU types the other day, scruffy didn't come close. I think it's the hi viz effect, makes you think you can get away with looking like a rats arse.
    No pride in their uniform or organisation I think.

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  8. They are all looking more and more like Yankee Cops...... even the 'Pretend Police' in Nottingham... those ones employed by Nottingham city Council, what they call the Community Safety Occifers. No, they are NOT PCSO, these are 'pretend' Kops who wear a uniform much like a real Cop, and also have black & white diced hat band on their caps... they are scruffy as well.

    Anyone been to Nottingham and seen them, standing about outside Nottingham Town Hall looking officious and 'real like'.... All they are, are just glorified Traffic/Litter/Anti-Smoking Butt on Floor Jobsworths who think that they are some sort of Poloocemen....!!!
  9. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    It's not all their fault.

    My mate turned up one day with the peak of his cap slashed and wearing his drill boots.

    He got his hat confiscated and sent home to get some sensible boots on.
  10. Still remember the one in my Towns name ~ if he took you to your dad for some reason [and you're right he knew him] your dad would clobber you once he'd left....
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  11. Yep, but thats too far the other way, all you want is someone that knows what a tin of kiwi looks like and how to turn an iron on.......
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  12. And the time. They always had a watch and knew the time. You ask one if they have the time now, they ask if you've got the place and the lube. Outrageous.
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  13. It's like Christmas......


    ........not every present can be neatly wrapped!
  14. Those were the days, a blind eye to child abuse and wife battery, these days the cunt would have the cuffs on you before you got the chance.
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  15. And then they would batter your wife. Animals.