Scruffy Colonials? Help for Herberts?

Discussion in 'US' started by Str8Bloke, May 25, 2011.

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  1. Having seen the dress uniforms/Blues/No1s worn by United States servicemen to the number10 barbie I regretfully must assume that the art of tailoring has died out in the US. As have natural fibres and the ability to shape a beret.
    Hopefully our American friends can be dragged down to visit the tailor/ess whilst in the UK.
    Maybe we can start a charity, ?"Help fo Herberts", to help introduce the colonials to the joy of well fitted garments?

    Or were they just all expecting to put on about 50pounds at the feast?

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  2. The words you are looking for are polyester and off-the-peg. On the plus side, their uniforms are relatively cheap, quick and easy to replace (which would be handy if they understood the concept of Mess Rugby).

    Lets face it, I have several thousand pounds invested in three uniforms I hardly ever wear - where is the sense in that?
  3. Blokeonabike at least your clothes won't burst into flames, and you probably look quite sharp- in a red blooded hetero sort of way obviously.
    The word, "invested" is quite right, you could sell said dress for a good price.

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  4. Nice pic. But whats with the Benny Hill salute?
  5. Something tells me that is not her uniform and she is half naked in the next photo in the sequence.
  6. Those examples there are gash I'll agree, I have to say I rather like the USMC Lovatts equivalent, not sure what it's actually called. Here modelled by Capt Kevin Bacon

  7. I'd hope so on both counts.
  8. Are you saying she's walting? BURN THE WITCH, BURN HER I SAY.
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  9. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    Must admit that USMC No 2's are the only yank uniform that looks remotely smart.

    IMO of course.
  10. Where are the rest then? and you call yourself an arrser?!
  11. However, got to be said that Princes Harry and William's uniforms looked very poorly cut and fitted at the wedding.
  12. And let's not mentioned the short lived style disaster that was the RN Blue Norgie Top working dress. Fortunately it's so awful every photo of it seems to have been eradicated from the internet.
  13. Not so long along senior US officers complained that UK troops looked a bit scruffy whilst on Ops in Afghan, compounding this with an accusation that UK troops were suffering a failure of Morale such as the US had enjoyed in Vietnam! An Outrage Bus duly launched, pointing out that it's a bit warm and dusty in Afg. And lots of horrible people shooting at Infidels puts the emphasis on comfort and practicality, not starch or shaving.

    It struck me as a bit rich that when the US had the opportunity to dress up a bit they failed miserably. In fact they looked like they got their uniforms from a fancy dress shop on the way down, and most seemed to plump for Thunderbirds outfits.

    Maybe I'm hoplessly wrong. Maybe US ARRSers can set the world to rights. But I enjoyed seeing just how incredibly ******* sharp the UK lads looked, from Lovats on down to the Crabs. The best advert for the British soldier is the British soldier. Now I'm off the paint the parade square black or something.
  14. This is a walt for sure. Just can't decide which anonymous Holiday Inn the picture was taken in as the guy warmed up his "escort": Fayetteville?

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  15. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    It's USMC Service 'A' Uniform. Very smart and with black buttons almost as good as a Rifle regiment's!
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