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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Scavenger, Jan 6, 2008.

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  1. Hello all

    I work in a town centre next to a private school with a large CCF (Army) contingent.

    For some reason, on Tuesdays a large number of the older students go to school in C95's. They travel to/from school and go out in the town during lunch and breaks in uniform. I assume that on Tuesdays they do CCf activities.

    My concern is that there seems to be no standards of dress. What they do behind closed doors in up to them - but when its in a busy town centre, it concerns me.

    Just some examples of what I've seen going with C95's: none wear headress, sitting in a pub, boys/girls holding hands/kissing, smoking and carrying shopping, boys with bleached long hair, earrings, trainers etc etc.

    Several people where I work have commented, and thought they were soldiers.

    Any suggestions?
  2. Complain to their instructors or the school.
  3. Name and shame the area, theres bound to be someone from around there on said send in a complaint.
  4. Well im a Colour Sergeant in the CCF and we arn't allowed to wear headress outside school in case we are mistaken for real soldiers and wearing uniform to school just saves time getting changed after school as we only have limited time for monday parade.

    With our lot uniform is always a big problem usually shirts not tucked in and trousers over boots but thats why they have Cnuts like me to b0lluck them!
  5. Name and Shame!
  6. Don't think there is the slightest chance anyone would anyone would confuse CCF with real thing.No offence,I was in CCF myself and I remember what I looked like!
  7. msr

    msr LE

    To the civvy mind: person in camouflage = soldier.

  8. Exactly!!!

    Used to get complaints from the public at the ACIO regularly saying soldies looking scruffy........turned out it was ACF, CCF or College Public service courses were always letting the side down. Public see a uniform and cant distinguish between soldier or cadet most of the time, the only way of sorting this out is name and shame and lt people like Tommy_cooker sort them out.
  9. I do have to say, some private schools make CCF like national service..many just dont want to be there...but have to shoud they look squared not defending anyone..but..ACF is all many CCF (apart from state schools) its an ofter school club and compulsory at that in some cases...not all..

    Still need a ragging though and so...flash the MOD 90...and grip of luck
  10. Dont forget that many of those in the CCf are old enough to be in the Army!

    tommy_cooker - shirts not tucked in and tousers over boots is the least of their worries!

    My understanding (in the RN anyway) was that when in public you always wear your lid?
  11. Unfortunatley not everyone has the common sense to realise the difference, I had a visit to a CCF contingent a few weeks back. The kids looked like sacks of shit tied up in the middle. I've never seen uniorm that bad, its fcuking out of order. If you've been given the privalege of wearing the Queen's uniform you wear it properly or not at all simple as.
  12. Well the instructors should make sure they all change before walking home, simple admin point.
  13. For instructors read teachers..say no more!!!
  14. You'd think people would still have a bit of personal pride!, regardless of wether its voluntary or not. I'd complain to the school, maybe mention PERSEC?
  15. is it not compulsary for cadets to wear a brassard over shirts/jackets displaying ACF/CCF etc? whilst i was RRT i've stopped cadets countless times on the street and told them to smarten up / put the fags out.