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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by B_AND_T, Dec 14, 2006.

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  1. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Talking the other day the conversation turned to dress standards within the services.

    I have a very clear memory of an SPSO at Arborfield, in 1989, who was probably the scruffiest person who has ever walked. Uniform that had never seen an iron, brown brogues with lightweights, hair nearly halfway down his back and unshaven.

    So who is the scruffiest individual you have seen? Apart from me that is.
  2. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    An Hon Colonel (a belted Earl no less) who attended a Dinning Out Night dressed in:

    Dress shirt with frayed collar;
    Greasy Bowtie;
    Crumpled Dinner Jacket frayed sleeves etc;
    Greasy cummerband folded over and disapearing into belly;
    Unpolished dress shoes and
    Trousers Lightweight because he had forgotten his dress trousers
  3. Sek Kong Camp, summer of 1974, Troop Muster Parade.

    There we were, dressed in boots, socks rolled over boot tops, blue PT shorts and berets, sweating buckets after marching 150m from block to square due to temp & humidity at 06.00.

    We were bollocked for being scruffy by our TC.

    He was an apparition, dressed in suede boots covered in oily stains, whipcord "slacks", baggy, wrinkled, unironed shirt with rolled-up sleeves (not folded) and a scruffy stable belt and his chip bag sidecap pulled down so as to be resting just above the bridge of his nose and his hair curling gracefully over his ears.

    His Pa was a Major General... a Very Senior Gunner!
  4. A Pvt in my unit who was regularly described as "being stuffed" into his uniform. This dude shows up for dress blue inspections with white socks on and chewing tobacco in his mouth. He might as well have gone to the CO's office and peed in the corner.

    Another time he stumbles into work reeking of beer and cigarettes, unshaven and uncombed, and then has the balls to ask for the day off so he could go shag some girl he met at the local 'house of sin.'

    This is the same guy who (believe it or not) managed to load a whole magazine with bullets facing the wrong way.
  5. This thread needs photos if the nominations are to be taken seriously.
  6. Surely its anyone above the rank of Lt/Col?
  7. This pratt:

    WTF has he come as? The locals will be pi55ing themselves laughing at him!
  8. EX STAB, I too did a search on google images for "scruffy soldier" but I wasn't too sure if he should be going in the ally thread.
  9. I did think about it but he just doesn't look ally to me. He looks a complete tw4t.


    Ex STAB
  10. I'm not sure, depends on too many unknown factors, if he had took his shirt off to use as a torniquet then the pic is ally (he could have used the bandana though.

    He looks like he may be checking out his reflection which means trying to hard which means not ally.
  11. Actually, it was me that searched for him, EX-STAB moved it to this thread before I could. It was the beard and grenade that made me think ally, but he does look a scruffy cunt!

  12. I put him here myself I'll have you know! :wink:
  13. Hmmm, I post a piccy on "ally", you say it should be in scruffy, it appears here after.

    But you posted it first. :p

    Stop plaigerising my good work! :p :p :wink:
  14. nope i'm pretty sure its me, ask the_guru.