Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Higround, May 7, 2006.

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  1. Has to be the funniest thing I have ever seen on television. Currently up to season 5 episode 21 should be finished in about.... 11 minutes or so.

  2. I love that show!!! I like the way it blends the comical with the harsh reality of clinical medicine!
  3. Dr Cox is by far the funniest person on TV.
  4. Absolute sheer genius!

    And Sarah Chalke getting her kit off regularly helps too!! :)
  5. Certianly does help, think my favourite character has got to be the Todd though. Especially in series 5 particulary episode 20.

    Btw im not that much of a scrubs geek ive just watched it recently
  6. Funny as fcuk - thought i was the only one who appreciated this sarcastiv humour - and Dr Cox is a legend - pure genius
  7. I really think the "different girl's name" every episode is inspired.

    And Sarah Chalke would definitely get it.
  8. Indeed, Dr. Cox rules (and it's a true inspiration for anyone in a leader position, Dale Carnegie and management theories my arse, just call every male subordinate bambi, or britney, or tiffany amber thiessen and you will own them for life--- hehehe)
    Although the daydreaming scenes are usually very funny as well.
    One of the best american Sitcoms since Seinfeld...
  9. I think, on balance, my favourite was "Shakira". :D

  10. Thank God others agree that Scrubs is fantastic; some of the cleverest comedy writing in a long time!
  11. I've got all of the first 4 series on dvd if anyone wants to borrow them, they are all copies from US TV but most adverts have been edited out.

    I watched all of series 2+3 back to back, got 48 beers in and watched it for 20 ish hours. A great day, never stopped laughing.

    I have to say though, Green Wing is doing a sterling job for the Brits.
  12. Well a lot more brits here actually like the show than I ever expected, like others have said ' I thought I was the only one'.

    And here's me thinking that all squaddies did was watch Eastenders and get pissed
  13. I'm a Will and Grace man myself :

  14. O dear god, how dare you tarnish my awesome Scrubs thread with that complete filth, must be one of the worst shows i've ever had the misfortune to watch 5 minutes of whilst the adverts for something better were on the other channel.

    Shame on you, shame on all you fans of the show that I dare not speak the name of...
  15. Poof.