scrounging scum or maybe not

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by brighton hippy, Jun 29, 2007.

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  1. Benefit fraud = £700 million per year

    Pensioners 'fail to claim' benefits worth £4.2 Billion per year,00.html

    Total unclaimed benefits = £7 billon per year

    Tax avoidance = between £82 - £150 Billion last year.

    with these figures the dss fraud dept would be better employed visting old people and making sure they claimed what was theres
    but que the dss scrounging scum posts :?
  2. BH, I couldn't get the 2nd and 4th links to work, mate.

    In the ideal world, the owner of the Daily Mail would be checking those details you kindly provided and managing the newspaper accordingly - but imagine the cash they'd lose printing facts, not the usual red herrings, scapegoats and hearsay?

    Another hurdle to overcome is "What percentage of powerful media barons / lobby groups / politicians / the aristocracy is in that final tax avoidance £150 billion megagroup?" If I was a cynical sort, I might think that the lawmakers deliberately leave loopholes for those with the means to exploit them.

    What a shame that often, the default setting here is to spew bile and descend into rabid Littlejohn / Melanie Phillips mode, before checking those facts! Well, now's the chance! :D
  3. 'Fraid you're a victim of spin BH.

    National Audit Office reckons benefit fraud stands at around 3 billion. I believe there is another 4.2 billion in tax credit fraud and half a billion in housing benefit fraud.

    Grand total - about 10 times that claimed by DWP.

    I'm reminded of a quote from the Department of Health. Some time ago, they proudly announced a phenominal increase in the number of doctors in the NHS. It was pointed out to them that the claimed increase was greater than the number of people licenced to practice medicine in the UK.

    Remember. You can tell when a government spokesman is lying. Their lips move.
  4. Any solid links to those AM? Cheers.