Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by syndrome, Apr 15, 2008.

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  1. excuse me fellas, but could i have a moment of your time????? im an ex 22 man now living in the kent area and have found a volunteer post with youth inclusion programme called CHALLENGER TROOP CIC, working with the schools and kent county council with disadvantaged/disfunctional children of the ages 10-16yr old. being as we are a relatavely new charity programme( see web site ) we desprately could do with a leg up so to speak!!! if any one out there has any de-mob kit ie cbt 95, waterproofs, boots etc, not to mention stores such as water jerry cans, old tentage(9x9s) oil barrels or general command task equipment please please please let me know. thank you for taking the time to read this message, kindest regards S. ANGEL MBE :D
  2. Syndrome,

    Where is the charity number? I suspect this organisation will be charging per pupil right?

    Secondly, a rag tag of different uniforms goes contrary to the ethos of having a everyone the same. Buy green coveralls. Or even better, make it conditional that their family or themselves have to buy their coverall. It's proven that sacrifice to contribrute somehow to a programme gets better results as their is osme buy in.
  3. CIC in the challenger troop name stands for community interest company, so we are a non profit organisation for children, please see our web site for further info in regards to its operation. we do have a certain amount of dpm covies but could do with something a tad better!! lets face it, if we make a difference in only one childs life...........its worth it, thanx for your valid questions, S ANGEL
  4. You may try your Local 'Divisional Recruting Team'.....the local recruting office will have their number. Assuming you have one on your area, they are not to be confused with the recruiting office which is another beast altogether.

    Good Luck.
  5. Try these guys;

    They have the disposals contract, I ahve been told that in the past they have been very helpful to such causes.
  6. syndrome PM me
  7. Idle curiousity, but is that Hereford 22 or 22 years serving? :twisted:

    Try some of your old buddies in the system, we all know how much clothing the QM bins. There's a wastage between what goes out and what must be returned. The army is always looking for good PR so surely they'd be glad to help. Ask the powers that be, the worst they can do is say no!

    Maybe Kent Council can contribute funding?

  8. How come your name does not appear on the recipients list of the MBE?
  9. Your based in a TA centre, can't they help with loan of tents, jerry cans etc?
  10. ref my MBE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>thanks for you concern :!: <<<<< but try oct 2000 investiture, thats if your really that interested!!!!! :?

  11. Could you be more specific, or give a linky. Cant seem to find it on either the birthday or new years list, am I looking in the wrong place?
    You did say 2000 didnt yu?
  12. 10th 0ct 2000!!!!!!! why the keen interest????????? :?:

    Because you sent me a shitty pm which eaised my suspicions, I have searched both the new years and birthday lists for 2000, under all catagories and your name is not on them.

    So, provide us with a link and prove me wrong, or we have to let loose the dogs of the walt hunter general???
  14. well all i can say is you deserved the shitty pm for being so bloody rude friend!!!! i gave you the date what more do you want???? contrary to YOUR belief............theres more than the new years and birthday honours list!!!!! look it up and if you still have send you the video of the day. CHEERS S ANGEL MBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :evil:
  15. dobo he is legit.

    known him & served with him. (never use the word work around him)

    the link for the cause.


    this is also a sticky on the RE forum.