Discussion in 'Seniors' started by Tels_Muppet, Dec 20, 2007.

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  1. hi all, i'm a bit raging. some scrote at an xmas do has decided to take issue with me.

    should I:

    1) beat him to within an inch of his life thereby teaching him a lesson.

    2)hold back as i'm about to enter the sgts' mess whereby they have a tradition i respect and can't wait to be a part of.

    3) say balls and just fill the cnut in?

    gobshites urine me off and i would love to fill said gobshite in but i am aware of bigger picture.

    advice please!
  2. I would say option 2 if I was sober, go for 3 and claim self defence :lol:
  3. T_M moving up into the Sgts mess is a big step for you and things like this are a big learning curb for you and option 2 is the far better option as you have more to lose. If this said scrote is junior than you ignore the n*bber as you will have plenty of opportunity to get your revenge on him once within the mess circle which can be very influencial. More is done over tea and toast and mess drinks reference dealing with scrotes than during the working day :roll: apparently :wink:
  4. Bowmore_Assassin

    Bowmore_Assassin LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Option 2 - hold back. Gobby little t*ats are not worth losing promotion over. You are clearly better than him so have a quiet sober word in his ear and warn him not to f*ck with you again as RHIP.
  5. Totally agree ... don't f*ck up the best move of your career. You will now have to learn that filling in a d!ck head is no longer an option.

    Well done anyway feller and enjoy Mess life.
  6. Ask the kno**er if he'd care to repeat his remarks stone cold sober in front of the next troop parade along the lines of:

    "Why do you have to be pi$$ed to have the b@lls to gob off?"

    Worked for me.
  7. Mind you, apart from that, he was a cracking Padre!
  8. Get him driving the minibus for the next sqn / tp pi$$ up.

    It seems to be an unwritten rule that you can say what you want when your pi$$ed at functions, but as noticed at our WO's & Sgts' Mess ball last week, acertain 'focal figure' was noticed drinking shots of water as the night went on, therefore staying sober and noting EVERYTHING that people had too say.

    Quite a few interviews without coffee the following monday morning!


    Everyone has an opinion and freedom of speech is good.

    But as a SNCO, freedom of AGAI is also a factor towards said scrote!!
  9. Evil cnut. Truly despicable behaviour. He could at least have volunteered to drive back.
  10. Indeed. What happens in the Mess stays in the Mess. Not so in this case!!!


    Still an outstanding night though!!!
  11. i find it much more fun to have a word when sober. the best RSM ive worked with had a way of shouting and screaming the bollocks off you without raising his voice, used to come out feeling a right nob :oops:

    A few years ago i would have just gone for it there and then, but age mellows and makes wiser 8O.
  12. You don't need our advice, you wrote it yourself so you obviously know what the right answer is. All I would say is that if you hit him, he'd get a bust nose, you'd (probably) get bust. Just picture him after this, in the NAAFI with his scrote mates, saying "See that fullscrew there? I got him bust when I kicked the f*ck out of him".

    You'd get far more satisfaction watching him painting rocks in his coveralls on (what was) his weekend off.
  13. Thanks all for the replies.

    I did indeed hold back, and am now part of the mess.

    Said gobsh1te is where he belongs - in civvy street with a discharge sheet ;)
  14. Don't waste your breath warning him, just nail him at the first opportunity. In the mess you have friends , he will have none if he is the scrote that you say.