Discussion in 'Juniors' started by Tels_Muppet, Dec 20, 2007.

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  1. hi all, i'm a bit raging. some scrote at an xmas do has decided to take issue with me.

    should I:

    1) beat him to within an inch of his life thereby teaching him a lesson.

    2)hold back as i'm about to enter the sgts' mess whereby they have a tradition i respect and can't wait to be a part of.

    3) say bollocks and just fill the cnut in?

    gobshites piss me off and i would love to fill said gobshite in but i am aware of bigger picture.

    advice please!
  2. If you were going to 'fill him in' then im sure you would have done it down town on the xmas do.

    But being a full screw you could just **** him about something rotten until hes had enough and goes awol/signs off etc.

    It's the safer option, he might be a big boy after all and there's nothing funnier than watching someone who started the fight getting kicked in :p
  3. AGAI mate, you're not out to make friends...little cnut needs a few "extra" guard duties over chrimbo..
  4. Why what's happened?
  5. Tw@t him, but always remember, no witnesses, no crime!
  6. You'll be surrounded by these scrotes for your entire career and as long the Army is recruiting it will never change.

    If your about to enter the Sgts mess then your career is on track (unless you've served 21 years) so sit back and wait until the really shitty jobs come up then remember you've always got a volunteer ready.

    Everybody loves picking up fag butts and sweeping leaves on bank holidays, get your revenge then.
  7. Your not a cnut are you. What do you want, to earn respect befitting your rank or beat it into people?
  8. Works both ways......especially with well liked people.....
  9. Tel_ muppet ,If you don't know the answer,you should not be in the mess. :cry:
  10. If he was drunk i would let it pass, we all tend to say more than we really should have once the beer is in and the sense is out.
    If he still fcuks you around in your day to day job when no beer ect is a factor,

    Give him extra duties or sh1t jobs

    :storman needs a bod for a few hours
    :extra guard duties
    :litter pick up etc

    If he keeps gobbing off get a mate to fill him in for you...