Scrotes, paeds, muggers etc. Suitable Punishment

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by still21inmymind, Sep 17, 2007.

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  1. How about this, either as a means of restraint or punishment

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  2. What concerns me (apart from the blissful look on his face) is the bottle of baby-powder on the floor behind. What's he going to get up to like that that'll involve chafing?
  3. Means of restraint only, punishment should involve at least a rusty bread knife, baseball bats and the relatives/friends of the victim given free reign for 10 minutes.

    OMG that picture makes me cringe! 8O
  4. ,,that is so sick,,,,ouch...
  5. at least he has thought this through and conveniently placed a stack of pillows neaby. I think he might need them... :cry:
  6. Of course, as madated by the EU. Human Sh1tes and all that guff.
  7. welcome to 3 PARA mortar platoon!
  8. WTF??? That's one heck of a way to dry yer arrse after some 'ring dhobi'!! Normally a towel should suffice.

    Butt to the point - punishment should be castration with a rusty spoon, eyes burnt out on a sunny day with a magnifying glass and a large tattoo across forehead stating the crime.
  9. a warning about NSFW would have been good!

    But, going on topic, needs more pain for them, thinking ala Vlad the Impaler