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Since i installed macfee on my lap top it ran very slow . So after searching google and seeing all the complaints about it making pcs run slow i removed it for avast .

I keep getting a yellow banner saying that a macafee script running in the background is making my laptop run slow . But as i go to hit the kill radio button the yellow banner disappears its always too fast for me . This is on Firefox.
The lap top runs slow a lot and on occasions there is a five to ten second delay between what i type and what appears on the screen. I am running windows seven .
any help to discoverthe scripts and kill it would be much appreciated troops .
Check your "Programs And Features" for any extra McAfee products that weren't installed, like McAfee LiveSafe. Remove all of them.

Check the Firefox Add-Ons and make sure all McAfee addons, like WebAdvisor, are turned off and deleted.

If you have Windows Microsoft Defender installed, make sure that is turned off. You only need one AV product.


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thanks for that, i think i got most of them but i will try again .
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one was in the Somme the other in the IRA.

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