Screwed up Aosb going in as a solider, moving paperwork over?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Habayeb, May 7, 2012.

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  1. Standard 'I effed up aosb so I'm going for soldier' post.

    I'm calling my aca tomorrow so will get a proper answer then, just wondered if anyone knew how quickly things can be transferred over, namely my medical which is all sorted and passed (down at westbury though) will it all have to be done again or is the process nice and slick? Obviously I've got to have interviews and take the BARB test.

    Just eager to get things cracking.

  2. I was told to start the whole process again with your local ACIO.
  3. Fun times
  4. I had to restart it all. Started the new app last July/August, passed selection at the start of January and start basic in 4 weeks.
  5. Have you decided on a trade?
  6. RMP leading to Close Protection,
    Combat Med
    Intelligence op.

    All down to my BARB score, to be honest the above trades esp CP were a preference to officer.
  7. All trades with a long waiting list at present - even with an 'A' grade.

    Depends on your ACIO re. restarting, My office don't handle Officer applicants so they sent me to another one. After briefing I chose to go soldier and the ACIO that were dealing with my app' sent me back to my original AFCO without having to restart.

    Best of luck.
  8. Nice, it sounds as if my aca (who's done my officer app) is going to lead me the best way possible, no reason for restarting if most the paperwork is done.

    Any idea on the waiting times for other trades, what's quicker than most? Guessing inf?

  9. Have a look at Ammunition Technician. No downsizing, quick promotion, quick responsibility and great variety.
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  10. Any bias judging your avatar :)

    But seriously it does sound interesting, just watched hurt locker for the 3rd time
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  11. It's not a training vid.
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  12. Your TRHJ record will be cloned but you will start the whole process again, new Application pack, BARB , Basic Skills and a new RG8 (your old RG8 will be requested aswell from Westbury and sent to the ADSC to assess with your new RG8)

    Just use the skills you have already got from your Briefing/Main board especially on team tasks. The applicants I have had who failed AOSB normally are good but dont go through the process with a Im better than the rest of you attitude as you will fall flat on your face.
  13. Whilst hoping to not appear lazy - I have looked but can't seem to find a reliable answer - when entering as an Ammo Tech, are you automatically in line for IED disposal or do some ammo techs work purely on storage/distribution or ammo?
  14. Wouldn't dream of it just looking forward to get things cracking, I'm 23 and not getting any younger.

    Regarding the RG8, I called aca and Bristols ACIO yesterday and was told they will just call Westbury and get my medical, seeing as its only been a few weeks. Or do they just request your medical clearance?
  15. Every Ammo Tech is expected to know about storage, inspection, repair, the numerous ammo systems, Conventional Munition Disposal, and a wealth of other ammo related criteria. This is a requirement to pass the initial course.

    IED Disposal is a qualification first accessible at Sgt for operators (you can be a No2 on a team as a LCpl/Cpl). You don't have to be qualified as an IEDD operator to have a full career as an AT, but gaining the qual opens more possibilities within the trade and is a requirement for some posts.