Screening test for para training

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by nubstylahrim, Apr 4, 2011.

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  1. What happens if you don't meet the requirements and fall by a couple of seconds or so? I heard they send you away to a fitness course true this is I don't know, any other answer to this would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. You get trained up at Hereford and fast tracked to SF.
  3. You get sent to some second rate line regiment and spend the rest of your miserable career getting all bitter and twisted (especially when drunk) about the fact that you just weren't good enough to be the best that you could have been!!
    So I'm told anyway.
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  4. then would i come back to catterick after that?
  5. And spend your leisure time attempting to wind up Britains finest from behind a computer screen, only making yourself look the worthless individual you are, thus justifying the decision of the Para Regt training NCO`s at Catterick to fcuk you off to wear a `HAT'!!
  6. Rebadge to the RAF Regiment,they'll accept anyone.
  7. Could anybody give me a serious question? :/
  8. Captain_Crusty

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    Can you explain Einstein's theory of Relativity?
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  9. Maybe worth you sticking this in Joining up Forumn (if joining at the moment) or Training wing if looking at ALL ARMs P Coy and then the HAT baiters may leave you alone...doubt it though...........if you are joining up at the moment though PRAC SNCO will give you a training programme to go away with on your first failure and you may get a second attempt if you have shown enough potential...if not given the option go for your second job choice you passed with at ADSC. If already serving then you will find out if your ready from your Pre PARA course Beat up....lots of units hold screening prior to the Pre P Company so speak with your PTIs.
  10. Thanks mate, its that I've just recoverd from shin splints and my fitness has been shit on (well atleast it feels that way) i start my basic in a month's time, just crapping myself for the steeplechase again as i just scraped it last time! Hopefully i should have no problems
  11. Hmmm, I've been told you do your 3mile squad run/1.5mile best effort and steeplechase first week into basic, but I seem to be reading different on a few websites ill have to ask at the careers office, cheers for the reply anyways!
  12. You were vague with your original question, you will have structured PT at ITC and as long as your fit and healthy as you must of been to pass PRAC the PTIs will get you through the fitness no problem. However if your carrying an injury when you first start training you may find out you fail the initial medicals and could eventually get med discharged. If you passed PRAC you have the basic fitness and I guarantee will be knocking 30 sec to a minute off your run times
  13. Cheers for the great reply man! well im going to see a physio today to make sure i can get back to running today (hopefully i can), then all i can do is improve till i go in, i should be fine im just worrying because i dont know what to expect lol, but again thanks! :)